How Can Gaming Benefit Your Mental Health

Did you know there is an FDA-approved video game for managing the symptoms of ADHD? That game is Endeavour, and it’s already helped thousands of children around the US. It’s just one of many video games right now being used to treat mental health conditions.

While many of us grew up hearing that video games are bad for our health, a recent Oxford Study has said otherwise.

More than 3000 participants joined the study, and the results are captivating. While the findings don’t suggest you should get out there and play games 24/7, they did show that light to moderate amounts of gaming helped a myriad of mental health benefits.

Here are a few key takeaways from the study that you can share with your parents and teachers the next time they complain about you spending too much time playing games!

Gaming Improves “Wellbeing”

Interestingly, the study examined players across various games, including Animal Crossing and Plants vs. Zombies. Overall, it found that people who played games tend to report greater “wellbeing.”

Further, this is the first study that actually looks at gamers while they are playing. So, these results better reflect the direct psychological impact that gaming has on people.

While more research is needed, this is warmly welcomed to the discussion since most of us are sick of hearing about the “dangers of violent video games” or “video game addiction.” It is great to hear that gaming can have additional benefits.

This finally starts to balance the discussion, especially ideas like video game violence causing real-life violence have been proven untrue!

All Things in Moderation

Of course, there is no prescription to go out there and play nonstop. While the study didn’t get too detailed about playing time, they have already cautioned players not to go overboard.

Further, there are other adverse health effects from sitting around too much. Instead, embrace this study as something you already—that gaming is a valuable part of your life.

More data is needed, but this study has already formed an excellent foundation to see just how gaming impacts cognition, mental health, and other vital parts of how we live our life.

But it’s easy to speculate how it helps. More than anything, gaming reduces stress levels. It gives us a break from all the crazy things going on both in our lives and in the world and lets us have a moment of release.

There’s also more going on there, too, with endorphins and other hormones driving excitement and giving us a feeling of thrill.

What Should You Do With This Good News?

Coincidentally, the study was published just after the releases of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. So, if you needed another incentive to upgrade other than COVID-19 lockdowns and the biggest release in almost a decade, then this should push you over the edge.

Now’s a good time to also invest a little in improving your gaming experience. Speakers, gaming chairs, and monitors/TVs are always a good call. These things can really help to enjoy the process more.

These days, more and more gamers are also adding VPNs into their repertoire to enhance the gaming experience. With a VPN, you have a few benefits worth checking out.

Other than enhanced privacy and security, you can use them to connect to virtual servers worldwide to unlock regional content. They are also effective in blocking DDoS attacks and can improve game performance through reduced latency.

The benefit to VPNs is you can use them both for PC and console gaming, and compared to a hardware or display upgrade. They are extremely affordable.

Our last tip would be to check new wireless peripherals. If you’re sitting around all day, it can be really helpful to get up a stand a little while gaming—especially if you’re a console gamer. You’ll be surprised how much better your back will feel!

Gamer Benefits Your Mental Health

While a few gamers are probably surprised that gaming improves mental health, the rest of the world needs to hear this. We all have been frustrated that people can binge watch Netflix, zone out on regular TV, or browse social media without too much criticism, while gamers have always borne the brunt of the criticism.

Fortunately, with this Oxford study, we now have something to throw in their faces and say, “Hey, Oxford has declared gaming good for my health, so you should pick up a controller and come join me!”

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