How can LearnDash Improve Your E-learning Website

LearnDash ranks among the best learning management system (LMS) plugins for online learning websites.

Whatever you need for your e-learning website, LearnDash probably has something you can take advantage of.

Here’s an overview of how LearnDash can help you. It:

  • Runs on WordPress, which powers 30% of the Internet.
  • Offers full control over content and structure
  • Offers access to a wide range of plugins, add-ons, and features
  • Works perfectly well with any theme
  • Provides world-class documentation and support
  • Offers easy monetization

Let’s dig into each one.

LearnDash Runs on WordPress

LearnDash runs on WordPress, which happens to be one of the most popular CMS available. It serves as a premium WordPress plugin with a highly user-friendly interface educators can take advantage of.

At the same time, developers can customize the plugin as they deem proper. This quality allows for great flexibility without sacrificing design and user experience.

Full Control over Content and Structure

LearnDash is a self-hosted LMS, so you’re in control of every aspect of your website. From content to design to structure, you’re the boss. Compare that with hosted platforms, where developers can do little to fix situations like slow website loading time or privacy and security breaches.

Wide Variety of Plugins, Add-ons, and Features

When you use LearnDash, you can gain access to a whole ecosystem of plugins that further improve and extend the functionality of any website.

Several add-ons can integrate seamlessly with LearnDash, such as:

  • MailChimp
  • Slack
  • Zapier

If you hire a LearnDash expert, he or she can make the best decisions knowing that trusted applications work within the platform.

Fits any Theme You Choose

LearnDash is compatible with 99% of themes on WordPress. While other plugins work only on specific themes, LearnDash uses templates that can work with any theme without disrupting elements.

Further, if your developers want to change elements within LearnDash templates, they can do so. They simply need to copy files to their theme folder and customize it from there.

Offers Excellent Documentation and Support

When you’re developing an innovative website or service, problems can arise. Good thing LearnDash is also world-famous for its excellent documentation and support systems.

You can rest assured that your e-learning website can seek help from a highly-skilled support community.

Offers Easy Monetization

And last but not least, LearnDash offers easy monetization. You can choose from a variety of monetization options. Examples include:

  • One-time purchases – a one-time payment is available for the course.
  • Subscription models – users can subscribe to get the latest courses.
  • Shopping carts – let users buy courses using major WordPress eCommerce plugins like Woocommerce.
  • Membership options – let users automatically register in a course once they take memberships.
  • Licenses (for dynamic courses) – lets you sell bulk licenses to companies for training their teams and workforce.
  • Bundled courses – lets you bundle and sell courses for a discount.

And many more.

Using LearnDash for Your E-Learning Website

LearnDash is truly a powerful tool that offers maximum functionality and flexibility to your website. If you’re a developer, you can customize Leardash according to your preferences and expertise.

For non-developers, the LMS is easy to understand and access the system is with the same ease as developers. Overall, LearnDash deserves its place as one of the best LMS around.

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