IMEI number

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a one of a kind 15-digit chronic number is given to each cell phone which would then be able to be utilized to check data, for example, the telephone’s Country of Origin, the Manufacturer, and it’s Model No.

There are different strategies to find the IMEI, as recorded underneath:

Method 1- Through the Mobile Dialer

1- Tap on the Phone application.

2- In the Dial screen, enter *#06#

3- The screen showed will show you the IMEI of your present gadget just as the Serial No. (S/N). (The showed screen may appear to be unique as per the Android OS Version your gadget is running).

Method 2- For Sealed Phones (non-removable cover or battery)

1- Turn your telephone over.

2- The Model Code, Serial Number, and IMEI are printed at the rear of the mobile.

Method 3- IMEI number from the Mobile Menu Settings options

1- On the Home screen, tap Apps.

2- Tap Settings.

3- Go to the General tab. Under this tab, look down and tap on About gadget.

4- Tap on Status.

5- Scroll down and you will discover the IMEI of the telephone.

Method 4- IMEI number for Phones with a Removable Cover or Battery

1- Remove the back cover and battery.

2- The Model Code, Serial Number, and IMEI are imprinted on the underneath bit of the gadget, as appeared.

Method 5- From the Box

Find the white sticker with the item data, for example, model number and chronic number. This is the 15 digit number over the standardized identification.

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