There are age restrictions in all states to buy lighters. In the state of Wisconsin, the age to purchase a lighter is 18 years old. No age restriction applies to purchasing a lighter. Matches are similarly subject to change. Stores will probably not sell a lighter or matches to you if you are under 16 years of age or younger.

Once you are caught with a lighter, you may get into trouble. The reason people may interpret your lighter differently depends on who they ask. 

To ensure you will not be turned away from an alcoholic drink or match store, make sure you are 18 or older. In most stores, however, your ID card cannot be checked before you are sold a lighter. 

The Reasons Teens Shouldn’t Buy Lighters. 

One may think that lighters are harmless and small when holding them. It is impossible to imagine the damage they have done. There are many things people do with lighters. Smoking grills, gas cookers, and cigarettes are all susceptible to being light by them.

Buying and owning lighters by minors is a dangerous game. That lighter is capable of being used for good or evil. You can never tell what will happen. Following are some rational reasons why minors should never purchase lighters on their own. Consider changing how you treat your lighters if you have been using them as toys. Lighters produce flames. In my opinion, age restrictions on lighter purchases are not necessary since lighters are used for purposes other than smoking. I strongly believe that smoking should be discouraged and restricted.

Other than the fire incident that might result, the gas from lighters can be dangerous. And you should know by now that most kids put the lighters in their mouth while playing, which isn’t hygienic.

Is It Legal To Bring A Lighter To School?

The education system is designed to prepare students for lifelong learning. Students have an opportunity to develop careers and shape their futures through schools. Therefore, you do not need to bring a lighter to school. A lighter isn’t illegal, but it shouldn’t be brought to school. In your school’s rules and regulations, it may not even be listed as an office. 

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Buying a lighter isn’t difficult if you know how old you have to be. A lighter, for example, will not be sold to you if you’re under 18. There is no legal age for buying a lighter.

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