Currently, there are no experience requirements for joining the Subway team. Since the company is entry-level friendly, anyone can apply. It may, however, result in a higher hourly pay rate and can move you into managerial and supervisory roles more quickly if you do have some experience. A fast-food restaurant chain that is among the fastest-growing in the world is Subway. Many locations of the chain offer sub sandwiches, salads, cookies, and breakfast items in addition to subs.

The post may be divided into sales associate jobs and sandwich artist jobs based on the size and location of the store. The training you receive as a crew member in other stores will cover all areas.

Getting experience in people skills and cash handling by working at Subway is an excellent job for beginners.

You’ll be responsible for running the cash register, marketing products, displaying promotional signage, and maintaining the cleanliness of the counter, self-serve beverage station, and seating area in Subway. Providing accurate records of sales as well as providing friendly service are two of your duties.

Most states require you to be 16 years old or older to be able to work at Subway as a sales associate, sandwich artist, or crew member. Having a permit allows you to work part-time at Subway even if you’re 15. However, minors aren’t allowed to drive in some states. Management positions are only available to people over the age of 18.

The hiring process & Age Requirements

The hiring manager usually calls promising candidates over the phone shortly after completing the application process and interview. Before new employees begin work, some franchises require them to pass a drug test. Overtime pay can often range up to $12.00 per hour for these employees earning minimum wage. The hiring process for careers in management is much more rigorous and has additional requirements. Fast-food managers are generally required to have prior management experience.

Experience with a submarine sandwich chain might improve your employment opportunities. Employees at Subway make different amounts per hour due to state and city minimum wage laws. The hourly pay for each position, however, can be estimated by generalizing. If you’re interviewing at Subway, you should wear business casual pants and a jacket. A shirt with a button-down collar, nice pants, and dress shoes would be recommended. Shirts and jeans aren’t appropriate attire.

Sales Associate 

A Subway sales associate must run the cash register and display promotional signage, as well as keep the self-service beverage area, counter, and areas where people sit clean. Providing accurate records of sales as well as providing friendly service are two of your duties. The minimum age to become a sales associate at Subway is 16 years old.

Team Member

Subway employees work as both sandwich artists and cashiers. In the smaller stores, they combine the two jobs into one.

Keeping the store neat and clean is among your responsibilities, as well as taking orders and explaining menu items. The minimum age to become a Team member at Subway is 16 years old.

Sandwich Artist

You will be paid somewhere between minimum wage and $15 per hour as a sandwich artist at Subway. The salary for entry-level positions will be at least minimum wage if you are new to the company and have no prior experience. Subway sandwich artists make an average of $9 an hour. The minimum age to become a sandwich artist at Subway is 16 years old.


Cashiers typically earn between $15 and minimum wage. Due to the nature of the position, you will probably start at minimum wage. It may be possible to negotiate a higher salary if you have previous experience. The minimum age to become a cashier at Subway is 16 years old.

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Applying for a job at Subway

If you want to apply for subway, your answer is here Subway offers the most updated job listings on its website, which is the best source for candidates interested in working for the company. Application forms may be filled out in advance and sent to the specific store you intend to apply to. If you’re interested in working at a particular location, you can submit an application in person.

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