How Technology has Impacted the Art Industry

It is not an exaggeration to claim that technology is at the forefront of almost everything we do, which means it is shaping the way we work with almost everything, in many industries. And as art is often a reflection of society, and also how an artist feels about it, it would be almost impossible for technology not to influence new works.

For something that has long been seen generally as a very physical practice (both the creation and purchasing of art), both art and the industry has faced a significant change over the last few decades, encouraged by the increase of art software and technology, and our new electronic way of life.

This piece will discuss how technology has impacted the art industry, and what might be next.

ArtWorks No Longer Require A Pen and Paper

Digital art actually dates back to the 1960s with experiments being conducted on computers and has steadily progressed throughout the years to the innovative stage we are at now. That being said, you would be forgiven for not knowing much about it, as mainstream art often focused on the more traditional art processes such as drawings and paintings.

Now, it is extremely common to see digital art everywhere, with software and tools being readily available for the general public as well as those in the profession or studying the subject. It has come quite the distance since Microsoft first gave us Paint, and it is likely that art technology will continue to progress to positions that previously might have been thought of as unimaginable.

Artists Can Become Overwhelmed by Choice

It may sound like a First World problem, but with so much choice when it comes to the medium in which artists can express themselves, this can almost become debilitating. There has been some worry that because of this, creativity can be dampened, and artists can get themselves into a rut with a creative block.

That being said, the choice is not always a bad thing at all, and the right mental state can facilitate many different works that may have been previously unachievable!

Learn Art from Anywhere

Technology has granted us the gift of being able to be connected anywhere, to anyone and anything. No longer are students confined to one particular art school, having to relocate, or taking a course they might not be particularly interested in just to get into the industry. There are now online art schools such as Visual Arts Passage that offer a variety of courses taught by highly experienced professionals that can be studied from the comfort of your own home.

How We Purchase Art Has Changed

Before technology became so popular and e-commerce became a staple in our lives, it was common to purchase art from galleries during viewings, or purchase paintings and drawings in person from the artist. Technology has now significantly changed those processes! Not only do people not have to be selected for a space in a gallery (or hire a space out) to showcase their work, but the internet offers the chance to showcase art to the entire world from one place and for buyers to purchase from wherever they are sitting.

With the option to now effortlessly replicate digital art or turn manual art into a digital file, art has never been more accessible or affordable.

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