Scanner Cases & Holsters

Protecting your scanner is the bottom line factor in ensuring its productivity. Typically, scanner cases and holsters prevent loss and damage of the equipment. You’ll get different cases and holsters in the market, and their basic knowledge of how to choose is essential. Are you seeking the best case and holster for your scanner? Here are ideas to guide you while shopping.


 1. Material selection 


Scanner cases and holsters feature different materials, and each has its advantages and disadvantage. Selecting the right material is key and should match your equipment’s performance demands. The purpose of your scanner case or holster should determine the right choice of material. For example, if your use is to prevent damage and ease portability, you should choose a holder and case in the right fabric. And this is why the Zebra TC26 Case is favored by many due to its strong textile and ease of use.


2. Confirm the type of barcode scanner


Holsters for scanners come in various shapes, configurations, and sizes. Modern manufacturers such as Zebra offer different models of varying weight and dimensions. Therefore, it is important to confirm your barcode scanner and choose the best fit. By so doing, you will prevent damages such as the scanner shifting inside the holster or case.


3. Choose a trusted provider


It is essential to find a dependable holster provider to ensure the protection of your scanner. You may need to compare different providers to ensure you work with the best-trusted dealer. When comparing the providers, consider factors such as experience and customizability. Trusted providers will offer you pre-order guidance and after-sales services.


4. Consider size


The scanner’s size should be critically considered when choosing barcode cases and holsters. You don’t want to choose a holster that is too big or too small for your device. Having the right dimensions or model information, including size, will go a long way.


After confirming the size, it’s easier to make an order to buy or custom one from a manufacturer. These will help you reduce wastage. Alternatively, use a tape measure or ruler, depending on how precise you are. Try to make the scanner holster big enough and with the appropriate shape to fit the scanner.


5. Confirm the number of scanners


When choosing a scanner case and holsters, one of the questions you should seek to answer is the number needed. The number of scanner cases and holsters depends on the number of scanners in operation. You should also consider expansion plans which could indicate a decrease or increase in scanners. Choosing a scanner case and holsters will seek to have every scanner fitted with its appropriate holster. When ordering, you must choose the right quantity in your order for each scanner model.

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With the increase in technological advancements, business offices and operations can take advantage of the technology. More technological scanner cases and holsters have been developed in recent years with various advantages. However, choosing the right case and holster is key to ensuring optimal protection for your device.

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