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Bonuses at jackpot slots game sites are designed to attract new customers through the casino virtual doors. Once in, it is up to the slot site to offer a level of service that will make customers return repeatedly. After all, casinos need new players and regular ones to survive. So, getting new players in and turning them into regular customers is what makes a casino website successful. True success is measured by a slot site being able to do this continuously over an extended period. 

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Tricks of The Trade 

Regular gamblers are aware of the tricks the gambling industry use to tempt people to part with their money. Gambling sells good luck and the art of winning to the public, but the harsh reality is that the house usually profits the most. Titles of slots concentrate on buzz words such as Riches, Luck, Jackpots, and Fortunes, but this is not enough to get punters through those virtual casino doors, and this is when bonuses come into play. 

Different Bonuses 

Several different bonuses can be claimed by slot site punters, but it is up to the individual to hunt down the casino site that offers the most appealing ones. Free spins bonuses are extremely popular at present, and they came in several different packages. 

There are standalone free spins, free spins as part of a 100% deposit match, free spins with wagering requirements attached, free spins minus the play-through element, and no deposit free spins. 

Standalone free spins usually require a deposit to be made to activate them, but they often come with no wagering rules. This means that you can keep what you win but it must be an amount that can be withdrawn, as many slot sites have a minimum withdrawal policy of £10. 

Free spins as part of a deposit matching deal can be claimed once the qualifying deposit has been made. The wagering rules can apply to the free spin element, but this is usually saved for the 100% deposit matching part of the offer instead. To claim this doubleheader, customers need to opt-in and then deposit. 

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No Deposit Free Spins: A Closer Look 

When it comes to free spins, the trend in the industry at present is to ditch wagering rules, and most slot sites have done so. This also applies to no deposit free spins, and these give players true free play on the house because punters do not have to deposit, let alone spend any of their cash to claim them. Because they are no deposit free spins, they are incredibly easy to claim and much of the time, this is done automatically on site. 

This is made possible because there are no depositing rules and regulations that if broken, forfeit the bonus. Some no deposit free spin codes can be found on affiliate slot sites, but for the most part, customers only need to open an account and the spins are there ready and waiting to be used, making them the simplest of all bonuses to take advantage of.

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