How To Create Comparison Website

People have this desire to get the best product or services available to them. Some people are budget specific, some are quality specific and there are some who look into all the possible aspects. It doesn’t really matter where people purchase the products or services, they depend on the internet anyway.

Even if people go to stores for the purchase, they make sure to do the online research of their options. Comparison websites provide the same facility to the consumers. That too in much less time and with much more accuracy.

What Is A Comparison Website?

After the E-commerce revolution, people have started making use of Comparison sites much more frequently than ever before. The comparison website provides to the consumers the capability to check the brief description, price, ratings, reviews, availability in stores, and more. People have different agendas with regard to these websites.

It has been surveyed that 80% of the people look for these websites mainly for the purpose of price comparison. But that’s not the whole picture. The Comparison websites are also used by the customers who value quality and compare the products and services based on characteristics before the purchase.

The comparison websites are very popular for the reasons like, they come in handy to the consumers, save the research time, provide the most accurate and latest information, and care about consumers’ money. 

On one side these sites provide information about the products/services, latest deals, and campaigns for the consumers. On the other side, they create these promotional platforms for online stores and help them with selling their products and services. By being beneficial for both consumers and sellers, the comparison websites gain both visitors and popularity. This is such a brilliant concept for a business.

Using a Comparison Website sounds so much fun, but building one is not that easy. It needs a technically efficient team and the means to acquire the most updated data. However, we will guide you step by step through the process to help you Create a Comparison Website.

Steps in Development Of Comparison Website 

Before we go through the steps to create a Comparison website, here is an example to give you an idea of how a successful Comparison Website looks like.

Casino Captain is a great example. It is a Review Comparison Website that provides all the information about quality reviews of Casino Games, Online Betting, Online Gambling, banking methods, and game developers. They have defined their niche and picked the Review Business Model. Having a technical team for content to UX, marketing, social media, and senior management makes their website up at the top in the race of Comparison Websites. They provide the Casino information on the consumer side and act as a promotional platform by listing the trusted casinos on the seller side.

Now that you have an outline of how the comparison website looks like let’s see how we can create one. 

  • Determine your Niche

Comparison Website is not a new concept so thousands of sites are available today to serve the tech-savvy online shoppers. The challenge here is to stand out of the crowd and provide the consumers something exclusive. For that, you need to select a particular niche and provide information on the products/services under that niche.

  • Pick your Business Model

Now that you have specified your niche, you need to decide what kind of information your Comparison Website will offer. Do you prefer to compare prices and features? Or you want to compare Reviews and Ratings. To be on the safer side you need to do deep market research and see what your competitors have to offer.

  • Establish Data Sources

Obtaining the data for your Comparison Website is one of the biggest challenges on your way. As you know content is the king. The data has to be accurate and updated. So there are two ways in which you can get the data for your website.

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You can talk to the Supplier and make a deal to access the data feeds. Mostly the IT department of the supplier is not comfortable with such requests. In that case, you can go for the web scraping service. You can get the relevant data for your niche and Business model by using web crawling software.

  • Identify Revenue Streams

You have to identify the Revenue sources for your website. If you intend to provide information for free to the visitors then you need to reach out to the sellers for affiliate programs. Most of the websites work on the same structure. As part of the affiliate partnership program, you get the revenue from the sellers on the basis of lead generation or sales of the products/services. 

  • Build the Website Budget

The initial investment for the Comparison Website is huge. So you need to plan your expenses beforehand and arrange the required budget. Most of the budget will be spent on technical specifications. Below are the mandatory technical specialists that you would need as part of the Technical team.

    • 1 project manager
    • 1 UI/UX designer
    • 1-2 frontend developer
    • 1 backend developer
    • 1 QA specialist

Budget creation and finding the right team are the two, time taking factors in Comparison to Website creation.


Creating a Comparison Website can be tricky and challenging but you can own the best Comparison Website by working with the right Technical team and with the right budget. Once the Website is set up, the only thing you have to concentrate on is to keep your website lively and growing.

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