How to turn off Launchpad on Mac

Interested in disabling Launchpad on Mac? If you wish to have to show off the Launchpad for no matter explanation why or to prevent unintentionally opening Launchpad in MacOS, you’ll flip the function off totally.

For some fast background, Launchpad is a function in MacOS that finds a display screen of app icons, form of reminiscent to the semblance of an iPad or iPhone. Launchpad can also be accessed by way of gesture, F button, or by way of opening the Launchpad app from the Dock or Applications folder. Some customers would possibly in finding this selection to be actually useful, while others would possibly in finding it to be much less helpful in particular in the event that they’re having access to Launchpad via an unintended pinch gesture on trackpad, or tapping at the F4 key, or clicking the app Dock icon.

This article will display methods to disable the Launchpad gesture, take away the Launchpad Dock icon, and disable take away the Launchpad F button cause on Mac to show Launchpad off.

How to Disable Launchpad Gesture on Mac

This applies to turning off the Launchpad gesture on all Macs the use of a Trackpad:

  1. Pull down the  Apple menu and move to “System Preferences”
  2. Choose “Trackpad” then select “More Gestures”
  3. Locate “Launchpad” within the listing of gestures and uncheck the field subsequent to “Launchpad” to disable the Launchpad pinch gesture on Mac
  4. How to disable Launchpad gesture on Mac

  5. Close System Preferences

That will disable the Launchpad pinch gesture.

You may additionally need to take away the Launchpad app icon from the Mac Dock.

How to Remove Launchpad from Mac Dock

  • Click and grasp at the Launchpad icon, then drag it out of the dock and wait a second for the ‘Remove’ label to seem, then drop the Launchpad icon

That will take away Launchpad from the Dock at the Mac.

Finally, you will be desirous about converting or taking out the keyboard shortcut for Launchpad at the Mac.

How to Change or Remove Launchpad Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

  1. Pull down the  Apple menu and move to “System Preferences”
  2. Go to “Keyboards” after which to “Shortcuts” and select “Launchpad & Dock”
  3. Uncheck the field for “Show Launchpad” to disable it, differently click on the keyboard shortcut to set it to one thing else
  4. How to disable Launchpad keyboard shortcut on Mac

This procedure will have to be acquainted to someone who has set a customized keyboard shortcut on Mac aside from that slightly than developing a brand new one you’re both disabling or converting an current keystroke aggregate.

Obviously that is geared in opposition to disabling Launchpad, however when you don’t need to flip off the function and also you as a substitute experience it, then there are many Launchpad guidelines we’ve mentioned earlier than to flick thru.

Do you utilize Launchpad at the Mac? What do you call to mind it? Let us know within the feedback.