How to Find Software Developers in San Diego

Are you searching for software developers in San Diego?

Well, there are several ways you can do that. One of them is looking at marketplaces where great software developers are listed.

In this article, we’re going to list down some places and sites to hire the best developers quickly. We will also mention some of the best San Diego software developers that customers rate highly.


Toptal is a talent matching service. It started with only tech talents and has since expanded to include financial gurus and master designers.

Still, the company is known for its software developers and engineers. Toptal has a system that vets exceptional talents using a comprehensive process. This process then ensures you only find the best and the brightest developers.


Upwork is a huge freelance platform that boasts more than 12 million users. Remote freelancers to connect with clients using a sorting algorithm.

You can find developers by sending invites or posting job offers. Either way, you will have a plethora of options on who or which company to hire as your software developer.

GitHub Jobs

GitHub is a jobs board directed at tech talents. It has a tremendous developer base. It’s also one of the biggest open-source online repositories for coders. To gain access to GitHub’s huge developer community, just pay a small fee and post a job listing.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow’s online community is arguably the largest and most trusted community of developers. If you have been dabbling with software development yourself, you probably already know that Stack Overflow also serves as an inexhaustible resource for all kinds of developers.

Post on their jobs board, and you’ll gain a massive amount of exposure to skilled developers in San Diego and even around the world.


Hired allows you to find developers quickly through custom matching software. You can find custom matches by creating a company profile, searching for candidates, and requesting interviews with candidates.

The best thing about Hired for serious searchers is that you can find candidates with the relevant software development experience in your area. That means a localized search made for faster hiring.

Top Software Development Companies in San Diego

We’re sure you’ll find top-notch developers on the platforms we mentioned above. However, if you want specific company recommendations, we also have that.

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Here are some of the best software development companies in San Diego.

  • Seamgen – established in 2008, Seamgen has a team of around 50 people focusing on web development, mobile apps, UI/UX design, and custom software development.
  • Nisman Solutions – founded in 2007, Nisman Solutions is a team of about 25 employees serving small and medium market businesses in healthcare and medical, IT, telecoms, and e-commerce industries.
  • Achieve Internet – founded in 2002, Achieve Internet focuses on web development, enterprise content management, CRM consulting, and e-commerce development.
  • Nodo – founded in 2010, Nodo has an 88-strong team of employees that provide a range of web, mobile, and custom software solutions for large businesses, startups, and global brands.
  • CodeNoise – founded in 2011, CodeNoise has a team of five employees that offer custom software, web, and mobile app development services.
  • Tragic Media – Tragic Media has a team of five employees that offer custom software, web, and e-commerce development. It was established in 2009, working with mid-market and small businesses.

Finding the best software developers may not be easy to do. However, there are plenty of websites and review platforms that will help you find excellent talents.

Lastly, to employ the best talents in San Diego, make sure you consider crucial factors such as your timeline, budget, experience, and quality requirements.

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