How to Freeze Rows and Columns in Excel

When you Are working with a Great Deal of spreadsheet data in Your Own Notebook, it May Be hard of keeping an eye on everything. I mean, it is 1 thing to compare a couple of rows of data when it is a small subset of information, but if it is 10 rows or longer, things could get unwieldy. And we have not even begun talking about columns nevertheless. Whenever your spreadsheets become overly fussy, there is just 1 solution: freeze the columns and rows in excel.

Freezing the columns and rows in Excel is fairly Straightforward and it makes When it is done correctly, the selected panes inside Excel’s freeze panes are secured in place. That means those particular rows so they are always visible once you scroll. More frequently than not, you are probably going to just freeze 1 or two-column or rows, but Excel does not limit the number of you can freeze, which may be convenient for bigger, data-heavy sheets.

This how-to functions together with Microsoft Excel 2016 and subsequent versions.

The best way to freeze a row in Excel

There are just two fast actions to freezing or freezing rows.

1- Choose the row directly under the row or Rows that you would like to freeze. In this instance, we would like to freeze rows 1 to 6, so we’ve chosen row 7.

2- Visit the View tab

3- Choose the Freeze Panes control and

That is all there’s to it. Rows will remain visible once you scroll down. You are able to tell in which the rows were frozen by the green line dividing the rows and the rows under them. If You Would like to unfreeze the rows, then Return to the Freeze Panes control.

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Notice that below the Freeze Panes command, You May Also select “Freeze Top Row,” which will freeze the upper row that is visible (and some others over it), or”Freeze Initial Column,” which will keep the leftmost column visible once you scroll horizontally.

Besides allowing you to compare Unique rows in a very long spreadsheet, The freeze panes feature allows you to store important data, such as dining table Headings, constantly in perspective.

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