Instagram Followers
Instagram Followers

You’ve probably noticed that when you post to Instagram, it’s not uncommon for those who follow you to like and comment. If this is the case, then congratulations! You’re doing a great job of engaging your audience. But what if these interactions don’t happen? It might be because your posts are too short or they don’t have enough hashtags.

The good news is there are a few things you can do to improve the reach of your posts on Instagram by adding more followers and likes with just a few easy steps. In today’s blog post, we’ll talk about how you can get more followers and likes on Instagram so that all of your photos will start getting interaction from people who matter most:

Create a powerful hashtag strategy

Powerful Hashtag Strategy
Powerful Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags can really help you connect with an audience that is interested in what you have to offer. There are many ways in which you might find success using this strategy. You could simply share other influencer’s posts from within your niche; however, it is also possible to create your own unique hashtag for use exclusively among friends or family members who follow each other on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. It doesn’t matter where these users are based – if they’re following one another on either network, then they will be able to see all content tagged with those specific hashtags.


If you’re all about social media, then it’s essential to make connections with others who are too. You might want to consider cross-promotion as a way of boosting your follower base on Instagram and Facebook in addition to other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, if you have a great email list or YouTube subscribers, then you can ask your connection to follow you on Instagram to get every update on their feed.

Start a Conversation

Instagram Engagement
Instagram Engagement

It’s also worth mentioning that sometimes it just takes an extra step to get more followers and likes on Instagram, namely by initiating conversations with others who follow you instead of waiting for them to initiate interactions with you first. Start a conversation today! What are some ways in which you’ve been able to gain new followers and increase the number of likes? It’s always good to hear what strategies work best for other people too.


When entering into any marketing strategy, research is key. With this lesson alone, for instance, we’ve touched upon ways that may or may not work well when trying to increase the number of followers on one’s account. But just because these methods have worked for some people doesn’t mean they’ll automatically be effective for anyone else! The only way you can find out if anything will bring more attention (and thus more likes) from others is by testing different strategies until something sticks.

Use reputed Instagram growth services

Instagram Growth Services
Instagram Growth Services

It’s not always easy to find the right Instagram growth services provider, but with reputed names like Zeru, you can easily buy Instagram followers to make yourself appear reliable on the platform. You can also buy Instagram likes to boost your engagement and improve your visibility in the explore section.

Don’t spam

If you’re looking for ways to get followers and likes on your posts (and who isn’t?), then make sure to avoid posting too many times per day or otherwise risking being seen as an annoyance by others. If people are seeing one post every two hours from you, odds are they’ll be less inclined to engage with anything else until a bit has passed since their last interaction with you!

Use Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads
Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are graciously available to all business accounts, and they’re fairly affordable. You can promote your posts, link people to offers that are exclusive on Instagram, or you could even sponsor a post from someone else’s account who has the same target audience as you do! To get the best out of Instagram ads, check out your most popular posts and promote them. We are sure you will obtain a good result with this strategy.

Collaborate with Influencers

If you’re not a big account on Instagram, it might be challenging to get the attention of new followers. If this is your case, then partnering with an influencer who has the same target audience should help generate more likes and follows for you! If you are just starting out, then try to reach out to micro-influencers who can spread the word about your account with their followers. This will help you gain new followers and likes, but you will have to keep feeding them with high-quality posts in return.

Contests and Giveaways

Social Media Giveaway
Social Media Giveaway

A fun way to get more likes and followers is by hosting contests or giveaways. Most users are always excited to participate in such contests as they get a freebie or any other product free of cost. You can promote your contests in stories and keep them in highlights so that whenever a new user visits your profile, he/she will have an idea that there will be something amazing on their upcoming journey with your Instagram account.

Run A Hashtag Campaign

Another good strategy that will help you obtain new followers is running a hashtag campaign. This is probably one of the easiest ways to gain more reach because all the people who are following along with it will automatically see your posts (as long as they are not set to private). With just three easy steps – creating a catchy tagline, promoting the hashtag across social media channels, and monitoring its impact – you should start seeing results immediately!

Link your store on Instagram

Instagram Shop
Instagram Shop

A lot of people forget to link their store on Instagram. This is a mistake because it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your products and drive traffic back to your website, blog, or landing page! So, apart from the follower count, you will also see an increase in your sales through Instagram, which is definitely a win-win situation for most users.

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Don’t be a follower, be the leader! We are sure that you’re more likely to grow your Instagram account with these simple steps. Besides, remember that your consistency and efforts in following all these steps will also speak a lot about your success.

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