How to Make Sure You Get Paid for Your Freelance Services

As a freelancer, getting paid on time and what you’re worth should be a number one priority. However, many freelance workers underestimate their potential or shortchange themselves, resulting in late or nonpayment.

You provide a valuable service and should value your time and expertise. Let’s look into how you can get paid for your freelance services with these tips below.

Always Use a Contract

Before you agree to any work, get it in writing. Your contract should protect you against late or non-payment by laying out what happens if the client does not pay in a timely manner.

For example, you can state that interest will be charged on any overdue invoices and that the client does not own anything until it has been paid for.

A contract will protect you and will hold up in court in the event that a client ghosts you after you’ve provided a service.

Require a Retainer

A retainer is an indication that the client has the money and that they are invested in your services. The terms of the retainer should also be included in your contract, particularly if it’s nonrefundable.

This alleviates confusion and shows customers that you value your time and skill. Once they see this, they’ll value you too.

Send Out Timely (And Frequent) Invoices

After you’ve gotten your retainer and completed services, the next step to getting paid in a timely manner is to ask for it—i.e. send an invoice.

Your invoice should include the payment due date, whether immediately or Net 30. Once you send out your invoice don’t expect the client to keep you top of mind. Send out invoice reminders at least once a week. This follow up is essential for getting paid on time.

Offer Various Payment Options

By offering your clients an option when it comes to payment options, you’ll make it easier for them to pay you. Whether you choose to accept checks, credit cards, use PayPal, or online payment and invoicing services, you’ll have an option that suits most.

Have a team and wondering how to make it easier to pay them as well? You can fill a check stub template to provide a professional experience for your in-house team.

Remember That You Are a Professional—And Act Like One

Your reputation proceeds you and you set the tone for the way you’re treated in business. Meet all deadlines, communicate with your clients and provide updates, and always deliver your best work.

Your past customers will become your greatest advocates and may refer you to their peers. These referrals are likely to pay you for your services on-time as they were essentially vetted by your former clients.

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Perform your best each time and the word will spread, and you’ll see your trusted client base grow.

Follow These Tips and Get Paid For Your Freelance Services

Now you know what it takes to be seen as a professional and get paid on time, every time. Never chase down a client again. If you follow these tips you’ll increase your chances of getting paid for your freelance services.

Need more tips for improving your professional life? Check out the rest of our site for more helpful tips.

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