How to Make Video Collage Quickly

There are many instances in your life that you wish to capture as memories. May it be a water sport you are enjoying this summer, or it may even be a grand event like a wedding or anniversary.

You definitely would want to reminisce about such moments throughout your life. The best way in which you can save these memories forever is through photo collages. There are so many tools available these days that can help you in making a video out of such photo collages.

You, of course, would be concerned about which online platform to use for such a purpose. Although several great online platforms can help you with this, here we will discuss how you can make great video collages using the multiple video making tools offered on

This step by step guide will help all those people who are new to video collage making. Here are the steps to follow to create magnificent video collages using the Image to Video platform online.

Step 1: Pick photos

The first thing to do would be to select all the photos you wish to include in the video collage. Try to collect as many pictures as possible as it will make your video collage much better. If the video is for documenting an event like a wedding or anniversary, you can even ask your friends and relatives if they can share a few photos from the event.

Once you have all the photos with you, segregate it and pick the clicks you wish to include in the video collage. After this, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Select an audio clip

Adding audio to the video collage would make it even more special. If the photos are from your wedding, pick a romantic song special to you and your partner. If the video collage is for celebrating a milestone in you or your special someone’s life, you can pick a motivating track.

Try sticking to the musical tunes of the song track you pick. You can add the songs with words, but having an instrumental track in the background will focus more attention on the collage photos rather than just the song track.

Step 3: Merge photos and audio into video

From the available tools on, you can pick the “Image to Video” tool to add all the selected photos to the video. Now, use the “Audio to Video” tool to merge the chosen audio clip with the video.

Step 4: Create a slideshow

You can create a slideshow with these photos by using the “Sideshow” tool. You can even use the “Collage Slideshow” tool for this purpose. Slideshows are a great way to show meaningful photos in a sequence. With the help of these tools, it just makes the task of making slideshows a lot easier.

Step 5: Sequence the photos

Now that you have all the photos and audio clips in place, you can then move on to sequence these contents in the way you like. Use the “Sequence to Video” tool available on this platform and effortlessly add a proper sequence to the photos and background music you wish to showcase in the video collage.

Step 6: Add water effect

Water effect refers to the effect created when the water ripples over an object or how the sunlight reflects the objects in the water. This a beautiful effect that can add the optimum amount of animation to the photos you pick for the video. Explore the use of the “Water Effect” tool for adding impactful animation to your pictures in the video collage.

Step 7: Add text

Of course, there would be photos that you would want to caption. It may also be a simple date and time you wish to add, or it can even be a diff memory that relates to the photo shown in the video. You can add whatever text you want to add by using the “Add Text to Video” tool. You can even animate this text and do many more such edits using the “Convert Text to Video” tool.

Step 8: Adding a logo

Although the video collages work perfectly well to compile your memories, they can also be used in the corporate world. It can be for launching a new product or service or a new proposal to your potential client.

This platform can create wonderful video collages even for this purpose. It is always a good idea to add your company logo to such videos to authenticate the process and improve brand recognition. If you are making the video collage for this purpose, you can try out the “Add Your Logo” tool to include your company brand logo in the video the way you like it.

Step 9: Add Gifs

Gifs make even a boring video or presentation more attractive. Adding a few Gifs here and there in your video collage will make the video unique and exciting. Explore the different ways Gifs can be added to your video collage using the “Video to Gif” tool.

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Step 10: Add transition effects

With the help of the “3D Transition Effect” tool, you can add different transition effects to the photos being displayed in the video.

Step 11: Video editing

Once you have added all the photos, audio clips, transition effects, and other requisites to your video collage, it is time to review the video and edit it. To fine-tune the video, you can use “Trim Audio” and “Trim Video” tools available on this platform.


Apart from Image to video, there are plenty of other effective video collage maker platforms online like Animoto, Kapwing, Fotojet, and Kizoa. The guide to making the video collages on such platforms is more or less the same.

Use the detailed guide above to create compelling video collages and document all your unforgettable memories in the right way!

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