How to protect yourself from getting hacked
How to protect yourself from getting hacked

Cybercrime is on the rise, costing businesses around the world trillions of dollars. And even with governments and law enforcement investing billions in preventing it, it’s still a problem that’s going to keep growing. And why wouldn’t it? So many people are online, more than ever now so many of us are working from home. There’s no getting away from it: crime in the physical world is going digital, which means you need to be smart about cybersecurity and step up a gear to avoid being hacked.

The last thing on your wishlist

Let’s first look at what you probably would like on your wishlist as we move to an online world—fast internet speeds. Easy access to websites and password remembering. Less jitter on video chats, easy online purchasing, and no-nonsense streaming. That all sounds great. But the last thing you want is to be a victim of hacking.

Unfortunately, that could happen, as so much of what we do is online. From streaming TV to shopping and banking, it can either be done online or via an app. So much of your personal information is held in these, and if you don’t take the right steps, you could leave yourself open to cybercriminals. It’s a good job that there are very simple ways to protect yourself.

There are simple steps, then there are really simple steps

There are many different methods you could adopt to protect yourself from hackers.

  • Just don’t go online anymore. Throw the router in the trash, meltdown all your devices, and avoid being connected anymore. Sure, that will definitely stop you from ever being hacked, but you may as well go live in a cave while you’re doing it.
  • Install a bunch of software. Anti-virus, malware blockers, firewalls, there’s a lot to choose from. But you might just choose a lot and spend most of your time circumnavigating adverts for new versions and extra features.
  • Get to know all the threats out there. Once you can recognize them, you’ll know what sites to avoid, what not to download, and where not to put your personal info.

But we said there are simple steps, and we don’t use italics lightly. Because you can avoid trying out all these other methods and instead just use one – a VPN.


By masking your IP address, a VPN offers you complete anonymity when you’re online and helps to protect all your devices from hackers. For instance, the PIA VPN is a great tool to keep your private data safe. But a VPN has so many more pros:

  • By using a different server, not only will that hide your IP address from hackers but from everyone and everything else that tries to snoop on you via it. That means no law enforcement agencies, websites, or your internet service provider – they’ll have no idea where you are. In fact, they’ll probably wonder if you even use the internet because you won’t be doing it from your IP address.
  • You’ll also have the security of your VPN as well. Ultra advanced encryption to put hackers to shame. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?
  • Superfast speeds are also common with VPNs now. With so many servers to pick from, you can find the fastest speeds to use for streaming, downloading, or whatever you use the web for.
  • Works all the time, if you want it to, of course. Simply turn it on after choosing a server, and you can leave it on all the time on your device. Or you can use quick access functions to turn it on or off, configure split tunneling if you want some IP access of your own, or even try a VPN router to offer protection for all the devices in your home.
  • Use it on all your devices such as PCs and laptops, smartphones, computer consoles, and other smart devices. You can get VPN licenses that can be applied to multiple devices and are easy to configure or go the router route to give protection to everyone you live with.

There are so many advantages to using a VPN in keeping yourself safe. Even the prices are extremely generous for a tool that gives you great online protection. And since so much of your life and personal information is online, that definitely makes it worth it. Of course, there still is the option of cutting yourself off from all internet connectivity… but we’ve already ruled that one out, right? Especially when a VPN is a much simpler way to protect yourself from hackers.

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