How to set password expiration date in Windows 10

As a safety effort, it is a smart thought to change your PC’s secret word now and again. To do as such in Windows 10 working framework, the organization is offering a simple way where the secret phrase naturally lapses at a normal stretch and requests that you set another one.

In this guide, we’ll give you how you can set your Windows 10 secret key to terminate at ordinary spans and get a brief to transform it. The procedure is diverse depending on how you sign in to your framework — through the neighborhood record or Microsoft account. In this way, we’ll be covering both the techniques.

Set password expiration using Microsoft account

Step 1: Go to your Microsoft account security area by signing in to your account.

Step 2: At the top, click on the “Change Password” option and then click on “Change”.

Step 3: You’ll be asked to enter your existing password and then a new one.

Step 4: After you enter your new password, click on the tickbox that reads “Make Me Change My Password Every 72 Days”.

Step 5: Once the changes are successful, you’ll be redirected to the Microsoft account login page. Enter the new password and log-in. The changes are now in effect.

Set password expiration for local account

Step 1: Open the Run window by pressing Windows + R key. In the box, type “netplwiz” and click on “Ok.”

Step 2: Go to the “Advanced” tab and click on “Advanced” to open the Advanced User Management tool.

Step 3: Click on the “Users” folder in the left menu and then right-click on your user account. Select the “Properties” option from the context menu.

Step 4: Now, in the window that opens, uncheck the “Password Never Expires” option and click Ok.

Step 5: Again open the Run windows by pressing Windows + R keys and type “gpedit.msc” and click Ok.

Step 6: Now navigate to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Account Policies > Password Policy and double-click on “Maximum Password Age.”

Step 7: Change the number from “42” to the number of days you want to set for password expiration and then click Ok.

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Use a third-party solution for additional securing of your passwords

If you want to take an extra step for securing your passwords you can use the assistance of third-party apps for that as well. For instance, apps like Outbyte PC Repair allow users to see if any of their passports are weak, duplicate, or at risk of being compromised.

Step 1: Download a third-party app that can check if your passwords are at risk of being compromised

Step 2: Scan your system for weak and compromised passwords.

Step 3: See the results and change your passwords if you encounter any weak ones.

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