Have you ever had the urge to find out where somebody is? There are certain moments when you want to track someone’s location. For eg, if your kid is late from college and doesn’t get home on time, you’d like to know basically where they’ve been. 

Likewise, you would like to figure out where they’ve been and what took them so long if your partner hasn’t returned from work yet. You would like to know their location via their mobile phones in those situations. Without them knowing, we are going to show you how to watch someone’s phone place.

You may try to search for someone’s position on a variety of occasions, as we described above. The unfortunate thing is that the need is felt only when there’s an emergency. If you can’t locate someone’s place, you’ve got to take some initiative to find them. 

Luckily, we live in a modern era where it’s easy to search for someone’s place. In cases like these, where you need to know someone’s location, mobile phones still work well. With the aid of GPS apps built on your mobile phones, you will track the location of someone’s cell phone.

Why do you need to monitor the location of someone? 

Tracking a person’s whereabouts is a normal necessity nowadays because of a variety of factors, as one of your close friends is living away from you, and you can’t contact them either by phone or social networks. 

Knowing where somebody is perhaps the most convenient and useful technology to have. You can’t be more calm knowing that your kids are safe everywhere they are.

Track your Target’s phone without knowing Him

As a parent, certain things are more disturbing than not understanding how your child is using a smartphone. We find a lot of queries like  “How can I monitor my son’s smartphone without him knowing?” or, “How can I monitor my target’s iPhone without permission?” 

With a smartphone spy app, you can quickly figure out who they’re talking to, who they’re talking to, what kind of photos they’re taking, and much more. 

FoneMonitor: Tracking Location in one-Go 

In this case, you need to be confident that there is no activity going on that you are unaware of when it comes to defending yourself and your family.  A mobile phone tracking app like FoneMonitor is something that helps you track a cellphone’s activity as well as the precise location.  


FoneMonitor helps you to watch the behaviors of Android & Apple device users so that you might keep an eye on the actions of your significant one in real-time. You can also watch the online behaviors of the target as well from the dashboard of FoneMonitor.

All you have to do is activate the FoneMonitor app which will function discreetly, tracking events without attracting attention to itself.  Go to this article to read more. A handy smartphone app also comes with this program, helping you to watch all phone usage wherever you go. 

Fonemonitor tracking
Fonemonitor tracking

It allows you to track the movement of your phone and uses its built-in GPS. You’ll be able to see the changed location of the target device every few minutes. You can also set up geofencing areas to let you know whether the target goes to a certain spot. 

As soon as the person exits the safe area and enters the prohibited zones you are notified through a message.

Key Features of FoneMonitor

Some key features of FoneMonitor include the following;

  • It protects your privacy keeping it uninterrupted and safe. 
  • Helps in business by monitoring the staff’s actual location. 
  • Personalized configurations to make customizable monitoring possible. 
  • Simple and friendly interface, easy-to-use.
  • Allows you to track the location only with a phone number.

How to use FoneMonitor on Android?   

Step 1: Sign up and buy a monthly service package for FoneMonitor. You will then get an email confirmation including the step-by-step directions on your email that you’ll have to follow. 

How to use FoneMonitor on Android
How to use FoneMonitor on Android

Step 2: Install the app on the target Android computer. Offer it access to other software and functions it asks for. Note that it will run the background so that the target cannot find out about it.

Install the Fonemonitor app
Install the Fonemonitor app

Step 3: You can watch it in real-time from your FoneMonitor dashboard.

Fonemonitor App
Fonemonitor App

How to configure FoneMonitor on your iPhone 

Step 1: Sign up and buy a payment package for FoneMonitor. Follow the directions sent to you by e-mail. 

Step 2: provide FoneMonitor with the iCloud credentials. Wait a few seconds, and FoneMonitor synchronizes with the computer.  

provide FoneMonitor with the iCloud credentials
provide FoneMonitor with the iCloud credentials

Step 3: You can start tracking it straight away until confirmed. You do not need to download anything for monitoring iOS devices.

Why Should One Opt For a Fonemonitor?

FoneMonitor has several major advantages that make it unique. A few of those characteristics that increase its efficacy are described below: 

It enables the user to track all iOS and Android devices extensively without rooting or jailbreaking. It is because it can create major security problems, it guarantees that user data and identities can remain secure from external threats. 

The method of configuration is simple and convenient. The web-based control panel is intuitive and means the user can easily navigate the role they need. 

FoneMonitor’s stealth mode renders it concealed in the intended unit. The targeted individual will notice a mobile phone tracking program on their phone without it, exposing the identity of the device.

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Wrapping Up 

While monitoring a person’s phone without consent is simple, it is also illegal. States deem it a crime or the equivalent of a crime, resulting in a jail term of at least one year and a huge fine. If you monitor calls, retrieve messages, or go remotely through someone’s internet history, FoneMonitor is the best go-to choice. 

On top of that, you don’t have to think about the ethical consequences if you do have someone’s permission to use the tracker. The sole exception to the law is if your kid’s phone is being monitored, he/she must be under the age of 18. 

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