How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Computer

Dr. fone is a game-changer fully packed with exception tools that optimize the performance of mobile devices. Also, it makes it easy for users to copy music from iPhone to computer. Dr. fone software is a giant with a series of attractive features. It is highly compatible with different devices such as iOS, Windows, Android among others.

Additionally, the tool developer keeps upgrading the tool to offer users the best experience. If you have challenges transferring files from iPhone to a computer, you should give Dr. Fone a trial. It has an impressive processing speed and can handle multiple files all at a go. Its interface design is mind-blowing not to mention that it is easy to use. Click here to get honest information on how to transfer files from iPhone to the computer.

About Dr. fone

Dr.fone is a legendary tool since it the first platform across the globe offering Android data recovery as well as Ios data recovery software. Besides, it is excellent for exporting files from one device to the other. For instance, if you have files on your iPhone that you wish to store on your computer, Dr.fone software will help you achieve that. It uses USB cables to transfer the files. Dr. fone is reliable since it is being used by over 50 million users across the world.

Attractive Features of Dr.fone

User-friendly Design

Dr.fone has an attractive design and it’s made in such a way that user can carry out their activities on the platform without any struggle. The tabs of the platform are well placed. Therefore, you won’t have any problem transferring your files. You can transfer files such as music, video, audio, SMS, Images, and so on.

Fast Processing Speed

The software has been designed by expert designers. As a result, it has all the features of the best tool for use when you want to copy music from your iPhone to the computer. It takes 1-3 minutes to complete transferring your files. This is regardless of their size. Note, it can transfer multiple files from one device to the other.

It is Responsive

Dr. fone works pretty well with devices. It supports Android, iOS, iPhone, and Windows among others. This is why it is a perfect bet if you want to transfer files from your iPhone to the computer.

It is Secure

The question of security is inevitable. This tool does not pose any risk to your device by downloading it. It is highly secure and reliable. Therefore, you can copy music from iPhone to computer without a second thought.

Allows Transfer of Large Files

With some tools, users can only export small size files but Dr. fone has no limit on the size or number of files you can transfer without experiencing any hitches.

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Instances When You May Need to Transfer Your Files From the iPhone

  • There are many instances when you may want to transfer your important files from your iPhone to your PC. They include;
  • When you want to replace your iPhone; it’s not possible to keep one iPhone for a lifetime. So, there will come a day when you want to replace it. In such a case Dr.fone will be of great help.
  • Spoilt iPhone; for instance, your iPhone may have a broken screen. Or it could be less functional. To save your important files, you will have to export them to your computer.
  • Intention to sell your iPhone; you may want to replace your iPhone with the latest version in town. So, you may want to sell the existing iPhone. However, you cannot throw all your important files into the trash. You will need Dr.Fone software.

How to Transfer Files From iPhone to Computer with Dr. Fone

Whether you want to copy music from your iPhone to the computer or you want to export other files. Dr.fone is the best choice. We are going to look at the entire process of transferring files;

You start downloading the App on your Windows. After installing it open and select the ‘phone transfer’ icon available on the welcome window.

Use a quality USB cable to connect your iPhone to the PC or computer. In seconds, your iPhone will be detected.

Open your IPhones and open the files you want to export. Highlight/ select all of them or specific files. On the toolbar, you will see the transfer option. Click on it and continue sipping your coffee as the files are exported. This process should take less than 3 minutes.

Once you have all your important files on your computer. Save them in one folder to make sure you don’t lose them. Also, when they are well organized, it will be easy for you to locate them.

To sum it up, there is no better tool to copy music from iPhone to Computer than Dr.fone Phone Manager (iOS). With its fast processing speed, security, and reliability, you are definitely going to love it.

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