How to Use Stylus Pen on iPad or iPad Pro: Must-Know Facts

Do you know how to use a stylus pen on iPad? Check this article once to be sure of your usage method.

You can use some device compatible stylus pen as an alternative to Apple pencil. But sometimes users can’t use the styluses in the right way. Consequently, they tend to blame the stylus pen at last.

After checking out some usage of the stylus on the iPad, we bring this for you. By the end of this article, you will know how to use a stylus pen on the iPad.

We will guide you with the correct way of using your stylus pen on iPad or iPad Pro. You will feel no more issues in using your pen.

How to Use Stylus Pen on iPad?

You can use the stylus pen for drawing, making a sketch, writing notes, marking something, and +whatnot. Stylus pen can give you the feeling of using any real pen on the digital page.

But if you don’t know the proper way of using it, you won’t get the chance to taste the full benefit. So, learn the correct usage technique at first.

Before You Use

Before using any stylus pen, make sure the pen is compatible with your iPad model. Some second-generation stylus pen will not connect with the first-gen iPad.

So, what stylus you choose, be sure of the compatibility first. Listen, if you need, have a glance over some cool featuring stylus for iPad Air 2.

Now, see how you can use it. Let’s assume you don’t have a penny amount of idea of using it. We are showing from the very beginning for your kind information.

Connect with the Device

You can’t hold the stylus and start using it. For example, if you want to take out cash, you need to unlock your locker. Similarly, to use the pen, you have to connect it with your iPad device.

Connecting it means to pair it. And this pairing method is slightly different for iPad 1 and iPad 2 or iPad Pro. Let’s know the pairing process for both devices.

Pairing Method for iPad

To pair the stylus pen with your iPad,

  • Remove the cap on the end of the stylus pen. You will find a connecting option.
  • Check there is a lightning connector on your iPad.
  • Connect the end of the pen to the lightning connector of the iPad.
  • Within a minute, you can see a pairing button on your iPad.
  • Tap the pair, and your stylus pen is ready to use.

Pairing Method for iPad Pro or 2nd Gen iPad

Pairing the iPad Pro or the iPad Air 2 is slightly different sand trouble-free.

  • Hold the stylus pen on the right side of the iPad Pro.
  • You will see the icon of the pen shown on your iPad screen.
  • It’s ready to use your stylus pen.

If you’re using any alternative stylus pen that is not provided with the Apple device, check there will be an option for pairing the stylus pen through Bluetooth or WiFi.

  • Go to the settings of your iPad
  • Turn on the Bluetooth
  • And pair the stylus pen

Now, use it for digitally writing.

What You Can Do with the Stylus Pen

You can do a lot of tasks with the stylus pen that you might never imagine also. Here is a list of the things you can do with your stylus pen.

Writing Notes or Drawing

you can write any notes on the iPad screen. Open the Notes app to get the writing platform. You will get a different pen icon to draw, write, or to sketch.

Changing the Opacity

you can change the opacity and the thickness of the pen. This feature is beneficial in drawing or making a mark on something.

Changing Color

You can change the color of the writing or the drawing also. See on your screen. There are options for color changing with the eraser and pen icons. Select and change the color.

Writing without Unlocking

Oh! It’s a great feature. Consider, you need to write some notes all of a sudden. If your pen is already paired with the device, takeout it. And start writing on the screen.

You don’t need to unlock the device or open the notes app. This feature is also available on some other mobiles. Also, you can enjoy this feature on the iPad.

Virtual Sign

With the stylus pen, you can scan any document and sign it. And your sign won’t get removed after upload or saving.

It’s a beneficial use of the stylus pen for corporate users.

Tracing from Paper

Stylus pen gives you the option to trace any drawing also. Place any paper on the iPad screen and trace it with your stylus pen. You will see the tracing art accurately on your iPad screen.

Design Using a Third-Party App

Apple allows you to use any third-party app to design or draw with the Apple pencil. You can do this with your stylus pen also.

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Install any third-party app. Make a design or draw any art you need using the stylus pen.

Remember While Using the Stylus Pen

You should remember some essential things in mind while using the stylus pen.

  • Make sure the stylus has enough charge to use
  • Some tools that you can use on the iPad Air 2 are not usable on the 1st Gen iPad.
  • If you don’t see the pairing option, wait for some seconds, or restart your iPad.
  • You can use the paired stylus until you restart the device or turn off the connection.
  • Use any stylus pen holder with your iPad. It will help you not losing the stylus pen.

Wrap Up

To conclude,  we can say that after reading it, you won’t have any questions regarding how to use stylus pen on iPad or iPad Pro.

Here, we have mentioned the entire usage method, and you can easily use the pen without further issue.

But yes, there can be some variations depending on different models of styluses.

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