Ideas and Inspiration for Mobile Games

Ideation is the most important phase for creating successful and engaging mobile games for enthusiasts. Coming up with viable gamification ideas for online platforms is a skill that is developed over time. It is not about talent only but requires mastery over various techniques, which involves lots of practice and applying the right methods.

Finding inspiration is key to generating a unique mobile gaming idea. Try to find the most popular games in different categories, and dive deep into the game that inspires you most.

Strategies to draw inspiration for mobile games

  • Choose a genre: The first step is to choose a gaming genre. Some popular gaming genres include Science fiction, Puzzle, Adventure, Racing, War, etc.
  • Pick a niche: Next step is to select the niche you want to prepare the game for. This can be a tech niche, a board game niche, an instant casino gaming niche, etc.
  • Observe everything around: Try observing what is going around you, and analyze the gamification requirement in the current scenario. Pay attention to everything around you and come up with ways to incorporate these aspects into your game.
  • Ask people for their choice of play: Interact with the public to know what they’d want to play. There is a strong probability that you get a feasible idea for developing a new mobile game.
  • Enquire about what people don’t like to play: It is easier for people to point out what they don’t want. Use the process of elimination to identify the right gaming genre for your target audience.
  • Use Constraints: Limitations help to encourage creative thinking. To come up with some unique game idea, adding a constraint is a good way to go. You can use theme, time, tools, and skill to brainstorm the gaming concept you want to develop further.
  • Draw inspirations from other mediums: Games are not the only type of media that can inspire you. You can draw more inspiration from films, TV, arts, music, anime, and books. Search for other mediums that could be used as a good gaming base.
  • Just start and ideas will flow gradually: Sometimes it helps to start work from scratch rather than worrying about making a perfect mobile game. Ideas will automatically come to you, and the wheel will start turning as you go forward. You never know how you might end up with a perfect game eventually.

Among the various mobile games available at different online marketplaces, online casinos and dice games have gradually gathered massive popularity. In an online casino game, the smarter you play, the luckier you will be. You have a choice of dice games, card games, or even slot machines.

Instant play casino

Online casinos have become a big hit among mobile gaming enthusiasts who want fast and immediate access to their favorite games. With no requirement for downloading, these Indian casino sites provide speed, flexibility, memory, compatibility, playing on the go, and immediate access, making gaming a real fun.

However, it is recommended to choose a gaming platform you can trust. A player must be careful when using public devices to sign in to play.

List of Popular Casino Games

Some of the most popular casino games based on user reviews and current market share are:

  1. World Series of Poker: The most authentic game played all around the world, with a very strong user base. Poker is the most loved game in the online gaming community. Offering amazing deals, tournaments, and events, Poker is a sure hit among gaming enthusiasts.
  2. Texas Hold’em: Now players have a choice to experience Vegas casinos virtually, while they enjoy this game, which is considered to be a synonym to Vegas.
  3. Baccarat: Experience a sophisticated feeling of playing in an elegant casino in Macau. An Online Baccarat casino game with an enthralling user interface provides the look and feel of a real casino.
  4. Casino Slots: A hotshot online machine game, it is one of the most popular casino games played by people of all groups. With no skills or past experience required, Slots are in high demand among online gaming fanatics.
  5. Roulette: An amazing interface with 3D rendering, Roulette makes for a great gaming choice. The rewards and complimentary chips attract players to stick to the game. Many casinos also display a ‘win chance meter’ with this game, showing the chance of each bet, thus providing first-hand knowledge of different styles of betting.
  6. Wheel of fortune: In this game, players spin the wheel, and if the arrow stops on their chosen lucky number, then they are eligible to win exciting prizes.
  7. Blackjack 21: With stunning graphics, offers, and deals, you can connect with your friends to play an exciting game known as Blackjack or more commonly as 21.


Developing games combine various skills and everything has to fall in place, like composing an opera. There are several factors to consider attracting gamers and making the game popular. Remember that creativity is about connecting things and being open and aware of the current trends.

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