Instagram Basics Everyone Should Know

If one has to choose the most convenient, easy to use, highly engaging and explorative app, then Instagram is undoubtedly the top preference. It is proven given that more than 800 million people are active on Instagram monthly. If you think this is huge, then you would be baffled to know that the numbers are growing every passing day. Numerous businesses are engaging here for a wider audience and building their brand.

Instagram is an excellent platform for sharing images and videos with friends as well as family. You can increase followers by using various video makers for posting astounding videos on Instagram. 

Introduction to Instagram                                                                                

Since the app rolled out in the year 2018, there is no going back. The millennial and Gen Z are avid users, hence if you are not on it, please reconsider. Now, Instagram is so infused in our lives that we can’t think of a time before insta life.

For the beginners in this exciting universe, you need to visit Google Play or Apple App Store and download it. Now create an account with a phone number, email or link your Facebook account. 

Essential icons and their purpose

Create a username

Create a unique username and password for your Instagram profile. You must write the username after placing the ‘@’ sign. Use alphabet, numbers, period and underscore for creating a username. It is available at the top of the content people post and next to the comment or likes. The URL of users includes the username after the final slash, as the online link for the profile.


Your profile is what you let the world know about you. Click on “Edit your profile” option to write your name as top-line and add things about yourself in the bio. There is also an option to add or change the profile picture. Just click on the picture icon and add photos from the phone gallery. You may change the picture anytime, and it appears with every post/comment.

Privacy of account

The choice for the visibility of your posts and profile is entirely yours. It can be a private account which is only visible to all those who allow. The public profile is easily visible to everyone. People can easily change the privacy of their account with just a toggle of a switch, present in setting>account>privacy section. All business accounts are public.


Here is the most fun part of the Instagram app- posting content! At the bottom of the app interface, there is a ‘+’ sign. Click on the symbol to add photos or videos on your profile. You may also click pictures or shoot videos instantly from the app. On tapping ‘+’ sign, your photo gallery opens up for selection (up to 10 images). There are numerous features like editing, cropping, tagging someone, adding filters to photos, location, sharing on Facebook and adding some text with a picture.

For uploading videos, you need to click on the ‘+’ icon and then tap on the video icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Now the video gallery opens up, and you can easily select the video you wish to upload. The Instagram video editor allows you to edit those videos, add filters, text or stickers before uploading it. You can only upload short or promo videos on your Instagram account. 

Instagram Story

The most popular and highly used feature of Instagram is stories. They are quite similar to post, but they are only available for 24 hours. There are numerous exciting editing options available for the story. You can view other people’s stories on the top section of the home page. A pink halo on a profile picture means they have added a new story, which you can view. To add your story:

  • Go to your profile
  • Click on a plus sign on the profile picture
  • You can also swipe left on the home screen
  • Story page appears
  • Click on + sign to add a picture.
  • Edit it as per your liking
  • Click on the ‘Send To’ icon on the bottom to send to contact or share on profile for everyone.


DM or Direct message feature in Instagram allows you to send other people’s post or message to other people. It has a paper rocket symbol and is available at the bottom of every post and story. You can view the messages you get by clicking on the DM icon on the top right corner of the app’s home screen. 

Explore through Instagram

There is an explore page on Instagram with a magnifying glass symbol. It shows trending picks for you. Instagram customizes the feed as per your searches and preferences. You can search anything here using the search option, by typing name, hashtag and location. Videos and IGTV are also available here for viewing. You can view content topic-wise using the filters at the top of the screen like Music, Humor, DIY, Shop, etc.

Follow on Instagram

The ‘Follow’ icon allows you to follow anyone on Instagram. When people accept your follow request, then their posts appear on your feed. You can also find who you follow and your followers on the profile section. When you follow anyone, you get permission to like, comment or share their content. You get a notification when accounts accept your follow request.

There are numerous other features on Instagram for personal and business accounts. People can explore them as much as they want. We have made your basis Instagram ready to join the brigade and share your life and experiences with your friends!

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