is whatsapp safe for children

Whatsapp is the biggest messaging platform in the world. It handles over 65 billion messages per day. After reading these numbers, you can understand the popularity of this platform. There is no doubt that this application is an excellent messaging solution.

However, is Whatsapp safe for children to use? This question haunts every parent, and they want to find out whether they should allow their children to use WhatsApp or not. This article covers everything you need to know about WhatsApp. Additionally, there is a method that will help you track your kid’s activities to make sure there is nothing wrong. 

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Why Children Love Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is an amazing way to stay connected with your friends. Hence, children love to stay updated with their friends through chat and stories.

Here are some of the reasons why children love this application:

Easy Chatting: It is much easier to set up and use WhatsApp than other messaging applications. Kids love easy things, and WhatsApp has managed to impress this audience with the accessibility of their application. 

It is Private: WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption for sending and receiving messages. Hence, it is a better platform for them to share their feelings without worrying about privacy. Additionally, they can easily keep it private from their parents as there is no way to login into their WhatsApp account on any other device.

Attractive Emojis: It has a lot of cool emojis that help them creatively communicate their emotions. The latest addition of GIFs in the WhatsApp application has drastically increased its craze in teenagers. Hence, they keep sending each other memes in form of GIFs and emojis to keep their conversations interesting.

Is Whatsapp Safe For Children?

Let’s get back to the main question. If you are wondering whether WhatsApp is safe for your children or not, then you would love to know that it is safe. All the messages are encrypted, and there is no risk of any cyber hack on their device. Hence, you can stop worrying about the security of this application.

However, the interaction of children with other people can affect their experience. You can always find some bullies and other people who are not a good influence on your kids. Hence, it is a matter of concern for parents.

We have found an excellent way to help parents monitor their children’s WhatsApp activities. With this application, you can read your kid’s conversations to make sure there is nothing to worry about. 

This application is FoneMonitor. Check out here to know everything about this application.

FoneMonitor: The solution to tracking your kid’s Activities

Fone Monitor

FoneMonitor is an online platform that works as a parental control feature. However, it is way more advanced and offers some excellent features to monitor your kid’s activities. With this app, you can check their WhatsApp messages, location, call logs, and much more.

It is trusted by millions of parents for the same reasons. Additionally, it was published in CNET, TechRadar, and Forbes as well. The server of this application is secured with private keys to ensure no one other than you can track your kid’s activities.

The usage of this application depends on your subscription plan. Hence, you can monitor multiple devices from a single account as well.

Features of FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor offers dozens of advanced features that help users in tracking a device conveniently. Some of them are:

Fone Monitor Features

WhatsApp Spy: This feature helps you in tracking the WhatsApp activities of the targeted device. Additionally, you can check the conversations and contact list of your kid’s WhatsApp account. It just requires a one-time verification. After that, you can check their smartphone with a single tap.

Stealth Mode: Stealth Mode helps you stay protected from other applications. It protects your identity while monitoring your kid’s device. 

Advanced Keylogger: Keylogger records all the keyboard’s activities of the targeted device. It means that you can check all their deleted messages, passwords, and other texts of the device. You can also filter out the messages based on contact and date as well.

Fone Monitor Location Tracker

Location Tracker: This feature shows the real-time location of your kid’s device. It can show the last visited places by the person through an easy map. Hence, you no longer need to guess the location of your kid to make sure they are doing fine. 

How does it work?

This application works by verifying the targeted device with your online account. It means that you need to either install a small setup on the device or verify its iCloud credentials with your account. After that, it will complete the phone sync process, and you will be able to their device as long as you want.

It is web-based and does not require you to install any application on your device. Hence, it leaves no chance of you getting caught by someone. 

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If you are concerned that they will find out about this application, then you can hide it from their device. This way, anyone can become a professional phone monitoring expert within a few minutes. Make sure to check their terms and conditions before this application for legal reasons.

Final Words

It is safe to say that WhatsApp is one of the most secure applications in the world. You can trust this application and let your children use it to communicate with their friends. However, you need to make sure they are chatting with the right people. A bad influence can make things go worse. 

FoneMonitor is an excellent solution to check their conversations remotely. That way, you will never need to ask your kid about their privacy. It is one of the best solutions for the parents as they do not require to perform any technical step to use it.

You can also refer to their installation guide to get an easy and faster way to set up your account.

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