Must-Have Features of Video Streaming Platforms

With the advent of faster internet connection and higher accessibility to high-powered computing devices, there has also come an upsurge in the usage of video streaming services online. Video streaming services have really made their way into the mainstream and into mobile devices, computers, and eventually in our homes. These days, there are countless video streaming platforms and more are getting introduced by the hour.

Therefore, building a brand and competing with streaming powerhouses can be quite difficult. There are certain features and traits that a quality streaming service should have. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

1- Content for a wider demographic

Video streaming services should not only cater to their target audience but also work towards expanding the customer base. A lot of major streaming services have realized this and are trying to expand their brochure. Streaming services such as xcine already hold a vast selection of shows and movies for its audience. This can only be possible when the platform has a wide range of content to appeal to a wide range of consumers. This wide range of content can include content in different languages and belonging to different genres. This will give the existing customer base a host of new options to explore and will also attract new consumers.

2- Navigation toolbar

Any video streaming website should have a navigation toolbar that holds key functionalities such as filters and a search button. This helps the user to look for specific content or explore more content that is suitable to their taste. Genre-specific search bars are also very instrumental in making the overall UI of the service more consumer-friendly.

3- Dedicated profiles for users

A lot of streaming services focus on content so much that they forget to direct their efforts towards the experience a user is going to have when using the service. The service must have dedicated profiles for each user that has a viewing history, suggestions, etc. This gives a personal touch to the user and leaves a good impression.

4- Curated binge-list

Another crucial feature of any streaming service is the list feature where users can add all shows and movies they plan to watch later. The service can also send regular notifications to remind the user that they have saved a series or a movie, they can pick it up anytime they want to.

5- Social media connect

We live in the age of social media, everyone around us is already on some sort of social media platform. Having a strong online presence for any streaming service is absolutely crucial. People keep a track of all the upcoming projects and new releases through social media. A lot of streaming services have started collaborating with social media platforms to promote their content and attract new customers.

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These are just some of the features that a streaming service should have. Obviously, there are countless other features that have to be implemented in order to make a streaming service successful. The market for the streaming service is ever-expanding and it is going to get really difficult for new companies to make a mark on the scene.

The streaming service is a new market but it is definitely booming and especially during the pandemic. As people are realizing that they have to spend a lot of hours locked inside their homes, they are slowly leaning towards streaming services to provide them with entertainment. The disruption that the streaming service has caused in the world of entertainment is here to stay and will eventually grow bigger.

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