New features are coming in iOS 14

Prior to iOS 4, it was impractical to let any application run out of sight on iPhone other than calls and music. On the off chance that you shut an application, it was in a split second killed directly in the wake of squeezing the Home catch. That was justifiable since the first iPhone and iPhone 3G had just 128MB of RAM (truly, you read it right, megabytes).

As the iPhone equipment has developed, Apple chose to actualize a performing various tasks framework in iOS. It was an essential yet in addition significant element for iPhone clients. Just because, we had the option to switch between applications without losing any substance.

In the event that I was playing a game and, at that point somebody messaged me, I could stop the game, answer it, and afterward return to the latest relevant point of interest. It was fine 10 years back, particularly when you consider the equipment and the little screen of those old iPhones, yet then Apple didn’t ever improve the performing various tasks in iOS again.

Without a doubt, the application switcher has been upgraded, we presently have Siri, intuitive warnings, yet the possibility of performing various tasks on iPhone is as yet equivalent to it was in 2010. You have to stop what you’re doing to accomplish something different. Regardless of whether you have the huge iPhone 11 Pro Max as I do, with the amazing A13 Bionic chip, you’re despite everything stayed with a performing various tasks framework from the previous decade.

A couple of months prior, I was in a Uber watching a live TV appear on my iPhone, and I was irritated in light of the fact that I was unable to remark on it with my companions or post anything on Twitter. On the off chance that I did that, the video would quit playing right away. That is not an issue on iPad, for instance, with Split Screen, Slide Over, and Picture-in-Picture.

So what’s “Master” about an iPhone other than a bigger screen and a zooming focal point? I need to have the option to content somebody while I’m viewing a video, I need to have the option to move content between applications, to open a site without leaving the discussion, and things like that.

I would be happy to have simply Picture-in-Picture on my iPhone, however I realize that Apple could do significantly more than that. The littlest iPhone accessible today, except for the iPhone SE, has a 5.8-inch show — and bits of gossip are highlighting a considerably bigger 6.7-inch form not long from now. Consider how iOS can profit by all that.

So as to get a workaround to my own difficult I referenced before, I found an internet browser for iOS called “Double” that permits you to open numerous one next to the other windows on iPhone. It’s not great, yet it works, and it made me need considerably more iPadOS includes on my iPhone, such as being able to utilize two applications at the same time.

Obviously, this isn’t expected for genuine work or to make the iPhone the following “PC substitution.” An iPhone would even now be an iPhone, and a few errands are still more qualified for an iPad or Mac. Be that as it may, with the iPhone equipment getting progressively propelled, it merits some genuine “Star” highlights to make our lives simpler.

Tragically there’s no proof that Apple is taking a shot at these highlights for iOS 14, yet I’m confident for the WWDC in June. What do you think? Do you need a superior performing multiple tasks framework in iOS? Tell me in the remarks underneath.

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