Edge Computing

Edge Computing is a new technology that quickly helps transfer data from electronic devices to the cloud and vice versa. Such a system will help to avoid delays and completely eliminate the waiting time for the request. Fast access does not depend on which country you stay in.

Edge computing also helps eliminate unnecessary bandwidth use, so you can easily watch the latest Netflix movies, play games on Playamo CA or Playamo NZ, and play your favorite games without lag while your tech syncs to the cloud.

So how does it work? Let’s explore!

Edge Computing in Everyday Life

This development is still in the early stages of its use. At this moment, we can only make predictions of how Edge Computing will affect the global economy as well as productivity.

Frost & Sullivan predicts that technology will make incredible progress, with an estimated 157% more productivity.

The technology works as follows:

  1. A user sends a signal to his technique
  2. The digital device processes the signal and sends it to the server
  3. Edge Computing analyzes the request and selects the necessary solution, which it sends back to the digital device
  4. The device or technique provides the solution

More specifically, Edge Computing is a system that brings data information or necessary calculations to the point of request. This is to ensure that the system responds quickly and without expectations.

Still not sure how this can help your daily life? Then we should talk a little about the Internet of Things (IoT).

Imagine a house that can do everything by itself: the refrigerator itself orders the food that is in short supply, the kettle turns on at your command, and the music system plays music on your voice command. Such things that have a network connection are called the Internet of Things.

They complete tasks using a request that they send to the cloud. The connection between the cloud and the electronic device is provided by Edge Computing. This system does it quickly so that the person does not have to wait long.

At the moment, the Internet of Things is not fiction, but reality. Silicon Valley is actively using devices such as smart homes, which are entirely composed of such devices.

This technology is actively developing. In 2020, 72% of all companies already use this system. Edge Computing is being used more and more often, and not only because the connection to the servers is fast. It also guarantees complete protection and automation. At the work of the company, this is displayed only in the best way, the whole process of collecting and processing information is much faster.

Edge Computing is also gaining popularity with the expansion of 5G. A fast Internet connection will only accelerate the spread of technological innovation, so the process of fast data processing is just around the corner.

Also, Edge Computing will affect several infrastructures:

  1. Rural industry. The system will help to keep abreast of everything that is happening on the farm thanks to the drones, which will analyze all the information that they can record.
  2. Media. Fast data transfer and download of music and video.
  3. Architecture. A ready-made solution for the sphere of building multi-level structures.
  4. Government calculations. It will be much easier to collect and analyze information since the program will do all the work of calculations.
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