Apple up to date the MacE-book Pro a couple of instances in 2019. We had updates to the 15in MacE-book Pro and two of the 13in MacE-book Pro fashions in May 2019, then in July the corporate up to date the 2 entry-level 13in MacE-book Pro fashions (which hadn’t been up to date since 2017). Then against the top of the 12 months the corporate changed the 15in MacE-book Pro with a brand new 16in MacE-book Pro. This new 16in fashion featured slimmer bezels, that means greater display may well be packed right into a smililarly sized computer. The different large distinction to the 16in MacE-book Pro was once the keyboard. It’s this re-designed keyboard that everybody is hoping will make its method into the remainder of the MacE-book Pro line up very quickly.

Read on to determine if the brand new MacE-book Pro have a larger display, whether or not the 2020 13in MacE-book Pro will be offering progressed battery lifestyles, and if Apple will repair the keyboard problems that experience plagued the Mac computer lineup since 2016. We solution those questions and extra underneath.

Release date

A brand new 13in MacE-book Pro is about to reach within the first part of 2020 in line with DigiTimes.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes a brand new MacE-book with a brand new scissor-switch keyboard may well be coming in Q2 2020 – assuming that he’s regarding the 13in MacE-book Pro we’d estimate a June 2020 release. (Via this Chinese record.)

Kuo predictions MacBook Pro

However, it will arrive faster. The two 2.4GHz fashions had been final up to date in May 2019, so a May 2020 replace is possible. There also are rumours that Apple will grasp an tournament on 31 March, so lets see a brand new MacE-book Pro round that point.

The access point 13in MacE-book Pro fashions had been final up to date in July 2019 and the opposite 13in fashions had been up to date in May 2019.


When Apple up to date the MacE-book Pro in 2019 it in reality greater costs moderately in the United Kingdom, so we are hoping that there may not be any more pricing changes.

There are lately 4 13in MacE-book Pro fashions to make a choice from:

  • 1.4GHz Quad-core i5 (TB three.9GHz), Iris Plus Graphics 645, two thunderbolt ports: 128GB, £1,299/$1,299; 256GB, £1,499/$1,499
  • 2.4GHz Quad-core i5 (TB four.1GHz), Iris Plus Graphics 655, 4 thunderbolt ports: 256GB, £1,799/$1,799; 512GB, £1,999/$1,999

It’s not likely that the costs will trade, even though what you get to your cash may as we will be able to speak about underneath.

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Will there be a MacE-book Pro redesign?

New and old MacBook Pro

When the 16in MacE-book Pro introduced in November 2019 (16in MacE-book Pro reviewed right here) it benefited from a larger display made imaginable by way of lowered bezels (you’ll see the variation within the symbol above: the outdated fashion is at the left). Other adjustments incorporated an progressed keyboard. When the substitute for the present 13in MacE-book Pro launches will it additionally boast a larger display and progressed keyboard?

The latter seems most probably, the previous much less so – as we speak about underneath, stories point out that Apple will care for the 13.3in show measurement at the smaller MacE-book Pro.

One risk is that Apple may nonetheless cut back the bezels across the show, leading to a moderately smaller 13in MacE-book Pro. The display dimensions would stay the similar however the computer itself can be moderately smaller. This must be imaginable with out lowering the scale of the keyboard – the keyboard measurement is optimal for typing on, any smaller and the keys can be too cramped.

There had been some design adjustments within the inside the 16in MacE-book Pro that might translate to the brand new 13in fashions. There had been adjustments to the interior thermal control – greater warmth sink and adjustments to the fan design, rearranged good judgment board for higher warmth dispersal. Probably vital partly to deal with the bigger 100W battery and the additional 12W energy.


Hoping that the 13in MacE-book Pro will acquire a larger show just like the 16in MacE-book did? You’ll most probably be disenchanted. Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple Phil Schiller has indicated that no person must think 14in MacE-book Pro will observe the 16in MacE-book Pro. “I wouldn’t draw any extrapolation from [the16in MacBook Pro] to anything else,” he instructed YouTube persona Jonathan Morrison.

A DigiTimes record in November 2019 additionally said that the show will keep at 13.3in.

Apple stated it greater the 15in MacE-book Pro display by way of lowering the bezels after customers known as for a bigger show. It seems that there are not any requires the 13in fashion to have a bigger display.

So, no, there received’t be a 14in MacE-book Pro. There was once as soon as regardless that: between 2002 and 2005 Apple offered a 14in iBook.


16in MacBook Pro keyboard

One factor is evidently, the brand new 13in MacE-book Pro when it arrives will function the similar scissor change keyboard keyboard noticed within the 16in MacE-book Pro.

This new ‘Magic Keyboard’ is styled at the iMac’s Magic Keyboard. We discovered this a undeniable development on fresh generations of MacE-book Pro. It is comfy to sort on, with deeper shuttle at the keys.

The arrow keys are laid out otherwise at the new 16in MacE-book’s keyboard and that is more likely to observe thru to the 13in fashion. They take at the ‘inverted T’ structure, somewhat than being in a block. It necessarily manner the left and proper keys are moderately narrower. We think that it’s more uncomplicated to make use of as a result of finding the up secret is more uncomplicated when not anything is beside it. These children of adjustments will surely assist any individual with restricted sight.

MacBook Keyboard arrow keys

The different trade at the 16in keyboard is the addition of a bodily get away key, somewhat than the get away key being a part of the Touch Bar. We think separate secret is more uncomplicated to find with no need to have a look at the keyboard. We to find the Touch Bar onerous to make use of simply because you need to have a look at it. The Touch ID sensor may be separate to the Touch Bar.

In October 2019 analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple will transition its complete pocket book line-up to scissor change keyboards in 2020.

New Features & Spec

A design overhaul is not likely however there will likely be adjustments at the inside of in relation to processor and probably garage choices. We have a look at the specifications we predict to peer throughout the new MacE-book Pro.

To recap, presently you’ll be able to to find the next:

  • 1.4GHz Quad-core i5 (TB three.9GHz), Iris Plus Graphics 645, 8GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 RAM, two thunderbolt ports: 128GB, £1,299, 256GB, £1,499 (BTO: 1.7GHz quad‑core i7; 512GB, 1TB, 2TB SSD, 16GB RAM)
  • 2.4GHz Quad-core i5 (TB four.1GHz), Iris Plus Graphics 655, 8GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 RAM, 4 thunderbolt ports: 256GB, £1,799, 512GB, £1,999 (BTO: 2.8GHz quad‑core i7; 1TB, 2TB SSD, 16GB RAM)


The 16in MacE-book Pro options the similar processor as discovered within the earlier 15in fashion. Thanks to the enhanced warmth control and the answer of a few problems that had been hampering the processor within the 15in fashion, the 16in MacE-book Pro has produced some higher Geekbench effects in spite of the processor being unchanged.

What does this imply for the processor within the 13in fashions? Here we’re more likely to see a brand new era of processor. Will the 13in vary transfer from eighth era to the ninth era processor vary lately noticed within the 16in MacE-book Pro.

Or may we see the coming of the 10th era Intel processor – referred to as Ice Lake? Numerous laptops are already the use of those. However, it might be peculiar for the 13in to achieve a more recent processor era earlier than their larger siblings regardless that, so in all probability Apple will replace all the vary in a single pass.


One factor we’d in point of fact like to peer is a rise within the quantity of garage on be offering. We really feel that the paltry 128GB within the base fashion is simply too little. We’d like to peer 256GB and 512GB as same old on the access point and a 512GB and 1TB possibility at the top quality 13in MacE-book Pro. Currently that could be a £200 build-to-order possibility.
Speakers & Microphone

The 16in MacE-book Pro has progressed audio system with deeper bass and a noise cancelling microphone. Will the 13in fashions acquire the similar replace?

Possibly we would possibly see an development, even though no longer at the similar point. The enhancements within the 16in will not be imaginable within the restricted house of the 13in fashion: there are 3 audio system on each and every aspect of the 16in MacE-book Pro (two of which might be woofers). The 13in would possibly merely be not able to deal with this.

As for the microphone, the 13in fashion most certainly doesn’t want the three-mic “studio” array required by way of skilled inventive customers.


The 16in MacE-book Pro has a 100W battery (which is the most important battery allowed in laptops earlier than they might be banned from planes). This larger battery manner the 16in fashion now gives 11 hours of use.

The 13in fashion has a 58.2W battery within the entry-level 1.4GHz fashions and a 58W battery within the 2.4GHz fashions. Both be offering 10 hours use.

It’s imaginable that Apple will have a look at some way to reach extra battery lifestyles from the 13in fashions: The MacE-book Air, as an example, gives 12 hours battery lifestyles with a 49.9W battery, so it will have to be imaginable.

FaceID and Webcam

We’d love to peer a greater FaceTime digicam at the MacE-book. The MacE-book Pro nonetheless gives a 720p digicam. As a comparability the FaceTime digicam (aka Selfie digicam) at the iPhone 11 vary gives 1080p HD video recording and a 12MP digicam (the .

The iPhone 11 digicam is TrueDepth, so it additionally gives FaceID – one thing we’d like to peer seem at the MacE-book vary.

WiFi 6

Another factor that the iPhone 11 vary gives is 802.11ax WiFi 6. As but this hasn’t gave the impression on any Mac computer or desktop. This is one thing that we’d like to peer however it sort of feels not likely that the 13in fashion would get it earlier than the 16in fashion.

Will the 16in MacE-book Pro be up to date?

We assume that with such a lot lacking from the 16in MacE-book Pro at release in November 2019 – no longer least the loss of 10th era processors and WIFi 6, it’s most probably that any replace to the 13in MacE-book Pro will come along an replace to the 16in fashion, which is able to most probably depart a couple of consumers who’ve already purchased a 16in MacE-book Pro a bit peeved. Here’s how the 15in and 16in MacE-book Pro fashions evaluate.