News Bubble - The Best News Apps That You Should Be Using This 2020

We all want to know all the important events and happenings right on the spot. In this modern time, we rely on digital news and sources for our information fix. News apps are essential to stay afloat and keep ourselves informed of every important thing that is happening. Truly, a reliable news app is vital in our daily and modern lives.

We managed to gather some of the news apps in this article. These are the news apps that will surely get important news to you on time. Be the first one to know about any crucial happenings in this modern and fast-paced society. Information and news are now available on our devices, phones, and pockets.

Here are some of the best news apps that you can use. You do not have to stress about your devices being on an Android or iOS platform. We managed to gather our favorites from both to get all the current topics, tags, and headlines.

Apple News

Apple News is one of the best news app available on the App Store. If you purchased an iOS device, you would see that Apple News comes with the iOS device that you bought. It is always good to know that you will get a reliable news app that will keep you updated on current topics on your iPhone, iPad, and more.

Apple News is perfect for those who prefer their news to come with a ton of images and fast-loading videos. Expect that Apple News will have sources from The New York Times, Nat Geo, Washington Post, and many more. Stay informed of everything in your topic bubble through the different notifications coming from current topics and more.

You can select which topics you prefer to read about first. The topics anyone can find in Apple News range from politics, individuals, sports, to niche topics. It is always a good touch whenever you can personalize what you read first in your go-to iOS news app.

Google News

Google News comes in as an alternative for Google Play NewsStand. If you want a polished news app that will bring a streamlined experience, Google News is the one for you. This news app pulls unique sources from across the globe. So, there is a considerable chance that you will find your favorite publications and websites.

It will not be a great news app if it does not brief you on everything you should know while sleeping. Google News users will have the fresh, and essential stories and headlines served on this news app. If you want to get your news fix without curation from Google, tap the Full Coverage option.

Saving stories for later use is also important. This feature is key for those on the go but found a particular headline or story interesting. Save that headline to go later with your 10 am coffee, maybe?

Microsoft News

Microsoft News came a long way from being “MSN News.” If you would like a news app to give off an easy-to-use, straight to the point feel, then Microsoft News is the way to go. You will be able to select the topics that you find interesting upon opening the app for the first time. So, expect your feed to be the result of the topic variety that you chose.

You will also get a glance at the relevant topics on the main windows. However, you will also be able to scroll through different news topics at the top of the screen. You will also get the chance to switch your feed to cater to any local news near you. Microsoft News defines “Full Coverage” with these features and takes it to another level. 

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Personalize this news app to any light and dark theme that you want. We like our news app themes to match the time of day that scroll through our news apps, and Microsoft News hits the home run on this one.


Believe it or not, Reddit is a great place and platform to get fresh news from. The best part of using Reddit as your means of knowing the story is that it offers exchanges from different users. You will be able to see any headlines and read through various discussions from other Redditors. Expect to get a full grasp, along with other important perspectives from other Reddit users.


Use these news apps to keep yourself updated on news, stories, and headlines. Make sure you pick the perfect news app that caters to your preferences in getting fresh headlines. 

It is such a magnificent wonder that we can access these news apps on our devices at any place and at any time. We may no longer have to endure any moment wherein we would have to wait for the newspaper or the late-night news to get our news fix. 

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