Oldest brands in pipe tobacco

When it comes to pipe cigars, smoking provides an entirely different experience that one can never have by smoking any other tobacco products. Pipe tobacco is a custom blend of tobacco leaves that are meant to give intense aromatic flavors that provide a pleasant sensation and experience to the user. However, it is not produced in a similar way to a manufactured cigarette or other tobacco products when it comes to pipe tobacco. It is quite different, and some companies have perfect the art of making high-quality and robust tobacco blends for the pipe. Companies have been doing this for more than 100 and 200 years, with no change in the taste, aroma, flavor, and quality. 

Such a type of pipe blend is straightforward to find in a store near you through any online store. However, it is always suggested that if you never had a pipe in your life, you should probably not take it immediately and out of curiosity. One strong puff and land you sick and gasping for air. Pipe smoking is not a routine, like smoking a cigarette. A smoking pipe is an art and very different from that of a cigarette. Where cigarettes are hand and easy to use, immediately out of the packet. Pipe tobacco needs one to perfectly add tobacco to the pipe and slowly enjoy the experience from it. You will hardly take a couple of minutes to finish a cigarette; a pipe takes more like 20 mins or more for one session. It is not a fixed time, but it is meant to be used slowly while cherishing and relaxing at the same time. 

There are many different companies in the global market if you are interested in smoking pipe tobacco. Most of them are available online, so you can quickly get them home delivered in case you do not find it at a store. Let’s look at some of the oldest pipe tobacco brands which have been able to keep their quality high, even after serving their customers for multiple years.

Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco

Prince Albert pipe tobacco has been using the same high-quality blend for the last 100 years and more and is still one of the most popular in pipe tobacco. The blend has been enjoyed by many, and it comes in a can for maintaining the freshness and crispness of the leaves. Due to this, it is also called Prince Albert in a can. The 14oz box has a combination of high-quality tobacco leaves and traditional tobacco flavor to give it prime aroma and flavor. Along with the earthy flavor, one can also notice the notes of molasses and coca in the smoke. Although being one of the oldest brands, it is still affordable, and one can easily enjoy it without breaking the bank.


If you are a pipe tobacco fan, then you must have heard of this brand. It is one of the oldest pipe tobacco makers in the world and started in 1849 in San Francisco. Now they have relocated to Richmond, Virginia. Their most popular products are the flavored tobacco that provides unmatched quality compared to any other brand in the market. There’s a broad palette of flavors and aromas used to create pleasant smoking blends that smell great too. If you are a person that likes tobacco without any flavors, then the company has more options to choose from. It comes in as small as a 1.5ounce tin box to maintain the freshness and crispness. If you are looking for a premium experience, you must try this once.

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