Programming Video Games: Tips for Beginners
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Are you a fan of video games? Want to create your own one? Why not? But be prepared to work hard. Even if you don’t touch on professional work in the game production industry, an amateur project isn’t an entertainment. Of course, the process of working on the embodiment of your ideas brings some satisfaction and is convenient as a means of self-realization. But the most pleasant is the moment of the birth of an idea and its elaboration. Then workdays inevitably come with their repetitive actions and boring hard work.

Be prepared for the fact that even a relatively small game project can take more than one month of your time to complete it. Think – do you have enough motivation to continue working on the implementation of your idea even after the initial excitement fades away? The share of projects that are not completed and abandoned at different stages of development tends to 99%. You don’t want to add your idea to that number, do you? If you have started to develop a video game or faced coding problems in college or university, turn to a highly qualified team of programming experts at who will help do programming homework for you to deal with all the challenges in coding video games.

Think of How to Implement the Game Idea on the Top Level

Think about it: when was the last time you saw a truly original idea? Let’s have a closer look at the “Avatar”. If we expand the idea to the level of a concept, then everything is simple: earthlings from the future extract resources on an alien planet, ignoring the interests of the local population. One of the earthlings is imbued with sympathy for the natives, becomes part of their people, and leads the struggle against the invaders. It’s simple, isn’t it? The game is a classic shooter about an elite special forces soldier with super-abilities that a suit gives him, and aliens from outer space. What about the famous World of Warcraft? It’s the game that takes place in a universe rich in events and background, with a high role of the plot component, versatile complex interactions of players, and a powerful economic system. In all these ideas, the most valuable thing is how they were implemented. Even the simplest idea, being implemented at a high-quality level, with a deep study, can become a hit.

Divide the Entire Process into Stages

 If you are developing a game yourself (and novice programmers usually do this alone), then the writing process can be divided into 4 main stages (or levels, as in games):

  • Planning.
  • Prototyping;
  • Programming;
  • Release.

Each next level in a video game is more difficult than the previous one. Everything is the same here: each next stage has its difficulties and problems, which you will inevitably face. This step-by-step guide will help you not stop at any stage of game development. We will cite various quotes and opinions of professionals that have completely gone the path that you are just starting.

Careful Planning is a Must

The first and at the same time the most important level of development is planning. At this stage, you should plan all your activities and take into account all aspects of your game. The goal of this level is to think things over so carefully that you don’t have to improvise during the rest of the steps. As soon as you think of developing a game, the first thing to do is to take your notebook and start writing down your ideas. Make notes as detailed as possible. Write everything that you would like to see in your game. The whole point here is that at first, it is quite simple to do this: the project has not yet grown, and everything is in plain sight. But the more you develop the game, the harder it will be to start writing your ideas and then take them into account.

Test How Your Ideas Will Work in Practice

The second level of our game development is prototyping. This is where you should check and test the basic mechanics and features of your game. The second level is just needed to polish this parameter. At this stage, you will write code that isn’t entirely correct. This is normal since you are writing a prototype. By the time you move on, you will already know what is not working properly.

Decide on Which Programming Language to Use

The third level is the most difficult level for beginner programmers. Having reached it, many abandon their project. But there is nothing to be afraid of here! You have passed the first two stages and you are already halfway to the end of development. To begin this stage, you need to decide on the target platform for your game. Will this game be for consoles, or maybe mobile or even browser-based? Having decided on the platform, choose the necessary tools and programming language.

Release the Game and Get the Player Feedback

Of course, this level is not as difficult as the previous one, but you should not take it lightly either. At this stage, you must convince people to play your game and give you feedback if you want to improve your project. Based on player feedback, make the changes to your app that will make the game more fun in your opinion. The main problem at this stage is the need to put up with criticism. There will always be those who simply will not like your game. It’s normal. Don’t give up! Focus better on those who want to play your video game and do your best to add new features to the game.

Follow the tips above and you’ll pursue your goal.

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