Space Jam

There are many different sports movies that will give you Goosebumps. Basketball is a truly amazing sport. That’s why it inspired so many directors to make a movie about a certain NBA championship or life story about NBA players. If you like basketball, we’ve selected a few best basketball movies of all time that you must watch. Let’s go down to the list.

Most people that love basketball know that it is more than just a sport. In fact, it is so powerful that it inspires many people to pursue their dreams and to always challenge themselves.

Love and Basketball

This movie is about showing the deep connection between two people and the game they both love. Both of them, Quincy “Q” (Omar Epps) and Monica Wright (Sanaa Lathan), managed to get scholarships to USC to play their favorite sport – basketball.

Both of them have a different past. Quincy is the son of a former NBA player, and Monica got into basketball later in her life, and she had to work hard in order to get to the college level.

The film is all about the pressures of college basketball that players face, even though it is not considered as a big league.

Coach Carter

If you still haven’t watched this movie, you’ve definitely heard the name “Coach Carter.” This is a captivating film that shows how a coach should be in setting an example to his players (especially when they are underage).

Samuel L. Jackson plays the perfect role as a team coach, and he relies on life lessons and emphasizes discipline, morality, and academics. This film is a perfect example of the saying “Everything is possible,” and it can give you the motivation to pursue your dreams.

Space Jam

Yes, I know. This is a movie that involves animated characters from Looney Toons, but even when I got older, I still love watching this movie.

If you still haven’t watched it, Space Jam is about combining the best basketball players the world has ever seen with characters of the Looney Toons. It is a slam dunk!

Michael Jordan plays the leading role in the movie, and it is considered an all-time favorite.

To the surprise of many people, Space Jam is returning back with the second part of this movie in July 2021. It will feature LeBron James as the leading character, and we cannot wait to watch it!

Above the Rim

This is a movie about a promising basketball player growing up in the heart of New York City. It shows the life of players at a young age, especially for those who live in areas with a bad reputation.

As a young player, he got himself a scholarship to Georgetown. However, this film is all about balancing the positive and negative influences that come from his surroundings.

The leading role is played by Duane Martin (a former NBA player), who was signed as an undrafted player in 1989 by the NY Knicks. Martin doesn’t make the list of best undrafted NBA players by BetAmerica, has his career was cut short and he decided to dedicate himself to acting.

The movie also stars deceased rapper Tupac Shakur.


This is one of the best sports movies ever made. It is a story that features an underdog basketball team that has one dream – to reach the top. It utilizes unity, support of the small rural town, and hard work.

It is quite an uplifting and inspirational movie that will give you the energy you need.

He Got Game

This is one of the most realistic basketball movies of all time. It is so realistic that sometimes you think that you are watching a documentary. The story is about Jesus (Allen), which is a highly rewarded high-school basketball player, and his father, Jake (Washington).

His father wants to convince Jesus to attend the alma mater of the state governor in exchange for shortening the prison sentence.

This is an emotional film that shows the love of basketball and top-class acting even though Allen didn’t have any prior experience in acting.

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