Shane Dawson has a strongly worded message for any and all body-shamers: “F–k you.”

The YouTuber is making his emotions in opposition to keyboard warriors abundantly transparent in his newest video “Addressing My Weight Gain.” Shane says fresh feedback about his weight achieve have got to some degree the place he feels he wishes to deal with “what’s been going on.”

He in particular discusses a remark made about him closing month, wherein any person mentioned, “I love Shane but it’s a damn shame to watch him putting all this weight back on while everyone around him laughs and enables him.” 

At the time, the famous person shared on Twitter, “You would think after 13 years on youtube comments wouldn’t get to me but damn… they still feel like the very first time haha.” He additionally mentioned feedback like that discourage him from running or posting on social media.

Now, alternatively, the 31-year-old finds he regrets “feeding into it—pun intended.” 

“I wasn’t going to address that comment thing because I was like I was having a bad day; I was feeling sensitive. I shouldn’t have tweeted about it. I shouldn’t even have brought it up,” Dawson, who up to now struggled with an consuming dysfunction, stocks. “But I did think maybe it was a good lesson. Like A.) don’t let things on the internet bother you. They will but try not to let them bother you. And B.) whatever people are saying about you is how they feel about themselves or they just want attention.”

Going ahead the YouTuber says he is “not going to be talking about my weight anymore” or “making jokes” about his dimension. He says, “I need to stop doing that. I stopped doing that for a long time, but I started doing it again, because I just tend to do that.”

He additionally says he is mentioning the subject once more as a result of he feels he owes it to the fanatics who turned into invested in his weight-loss adventure all over his collection with Jeffree Star. “I don’t want you to to think I just threw away, because I definitely didn’t. And I definitely have been working out a lot and I hate it,” Shane guarantees. 

Of direction, that wasn’t all Shane needed to say in regards to the scenario. Regarding those that body-shame him, he states, “Listen, my only response is going to be ‘f–k you.’ People who make fun of people’s weight or attack people’s weight, literally f–k you.”

And to additional end up he is invested in his well being, he enlisted his pal and bling skilled Tiffany to create a bejeweled kettle bell to inspire himself to exercise.

A person’s gotta do what a person’s gotta do. 

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