Signs of Undue Influence

Many elderly loved ones, especially those in nursing home facilities, depend on others for their normal everyday activities. Unfortunately, in some instances, your elderly loved one may become manipulated by a caretaker or other person, and become inappropriately influenced enough that they change their will, trust, or other estate planning documents or give their money away. Learn some of the common signs of undue influence and protect the assets your loved one worked so hard for throughout their life. Contact our Asset Protection Attorney in New Jersey.

Assisted Care and Nursing Home Facilities

Family members oftentimes struggle with placing their elderly loved one in a nursing home or assisted care facility. However, the decision is usually made when it appears that their loved one needs more care on a daily basis than they can provide. This is especially true if an elderly person has developed any kind of serious medical condition or cognitive dysfunction such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. When these cognitive challenges happen in elderly people, they may not remember exactly how or when they gave their money away, or the circumstances even under which it happened. They may become confused regarding their estate planning documents or misunderstand what they are supposed to do. In many of these cases, a manipulative person will simply have them sign documents that they do not understand.

While many of these facilities are wonderful and provide a loving and safe place for our seniors, some have been associated with nursing home abuse and neglect. Additionally, there are times where a person within the facility may use their influence to manipulate an elderly person to either give them money, credit cards, or change their estate plan. Always make sure to closely monitor your elderly loved ones to ensure that their finances are not drastically changing, that they continue to have the same estate planning documents, and that they do not allow new people access to their accounts.

Signs of Undue Influence

If you think that your elderly loved one may be under the manipulation or influence of a third party with respect to their assets or their estate planning documents, here are some common signs:

  • They become increasingly isolated from close family members or friends.
  • Their signatures now appear vastly different than they did in the past on new financial and estate planning documents.
  • There is one person that seems to never allow your elderly loved one to be alone, and must always be present when conversations occur. This person may begin speaking “on behalf” of your elderly loved one, especially with regards to financial matters.
  • There appear to be significant financial changes, including large or unusual purchases, or requests for additional credit or debit cards. This could also include large cash withdrawals.
  • They suddenly appear untidy, unclean, unwashed, and unkempt.

Contact an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

If you believe that the estate planning documents of your elderly loved one are at risk, or need to ensure that their estate planning documents are executed correctly, contact an experienced New Jersey Elder Law Attorney at the law firm of Giro Law at 201-690-1642 to help you understand how to protect your elderly loved one’s legal rights.

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