Tech That Powers Online Sportsbooks

The underlying factor behind the current online sportsbook technology is the hardware. Without the mobile devices and computer power we have today, it would be impossible to enjoy the best online sportsbooks. It is great having access to a huge range of mobile betting applications but if it were not for the processors, chips, screens, and battery life of the mobile devices, they would not be able to operate.

At the time of writing, the latest Apple phone, which is the iPhone 12 boasts some incredible features. They include up to 256GB capacity, Super Retina XDR display, A14 Bionic chip, TrueDepth camera for facial recognition, Apple Pay, 5G internet connection, MagSafe wireless charging, and the iOS 14 operating system. These features combine to create one of the world’s most powerful handsets and each piece of technology is used to deliver a superb online sports betting experience.

For example, the 256GB capacity means you can install multiple applications on a device. When a new mobile app is released, such as the DraftKings sportsbook app in New Jersey, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Tennessee, you can rest assured you have space for the app on your phone. As states legalize mobile sports betting, and more brands begin to develop and release apps in the United States, the greater the capacity of the phone means the more betting options you can enjoy.

Fast and stable internet connections are hugely important for online sportsbooks. For those who like in-play betting, you will notice how the odds change on a regular basis throughout the event. in many cases, the odds will change every 30 seconds, which is incredible speed considering the action is happening live.

Significant data feeds must be processed in a matter of seconds for the odds to change correctly and be displayed to the user. Online sportsbooks would lose a lot of money if they were slow to react when updating their odds during an event. For example, if a player was sent off during a soccer match and the current score was 0-0, the sportsbook would need to adjust their odds quickly to reflect the one-player advantage. If there was any delay in the updating of the odds, bettors would be all over it to make a quick profit.

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Coupled with in-play betting technology is live streaming. Several of the leading online sportsbooks now offer a live streaming service to those who have placed a bet or have funds in their account. Live streaming technology allows a video to be sent over the Internet in real-time, without being recorded and stored. There are several aspects to live streaming technology including the initial video capture, segmentation, and compression.

Thanks to the development in technology, all of this take a matter of seconds and the live footage can be distributed to multiple viewers in different locations. As the device receives the live stream, it decodes and decompresses the segmented data, which is then interpreted using the player on the device.

The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the tech that powers online sportsbooks and it is incredible what we have been able to achieve.

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