And we’re once more!

We’re about to in spite of everything, in spite of everything to determine what’s going on with Peter Weber and his journey to go looking out love after ultimate night’s wild and crazy adventure, during which each and every Hannah Ann and Madison met Peter’s parents, alternatively only one made a good affect. 

By the highest of the night, Peter’s parents had begged him to choose Hannah Ann (with Pete’s mom bringing up she’s an angel on earth), and Madison had broken up with Peter and left, alternatively Pete nevertheless may just no longer merely decide to be with Hannah Ann, or even tell Hannah Ann that Madison was once as soon as lengthy long past. 

The promo at the end of the episode revealed that Madison returns, alternatively we don’t however know the way or when or why. We’ve noticed a ring in promos, alternatively is there a proposal? Would either one of the ones women even nevertheless be willing to be with Peter after witnessing that conversation together with his family? 

We’re about to resolve, and once yet again, we are going to be proper right here all of the time, updating this post live since the night is happening.