With access to technology increasing every day, one can easily fill forms and documents online. However, there seemed to be some problems with signing them online.

The monotonous printing of the document, signing it offline, and then again uploading it is a bit too much and what is the whole purpose of technological advancement if it doesn’t make our life easier.

We have a solution.

CocoSign is a company that offers an online signing platform that can generate multiple signatures to choose from. Pick the desired one and sign your document within seconds. 

The platform also offers several benefits like fully customizable templates and legally valid signatures etc., but first, let us learn a bit more about the online signature generation.

What Is An Online Signature Generator?

An online signature tool accepts the documents that are uploaded and provides tools to sign them digitally. An electronic signature can be a sound or a symbol adopted by the person with the intention to sign the form or the document. Signing tools let you upload your hand signatures and convert them into an image format. These images can then be used to sign documents digitally. 

These signatures are legally valid in over 180 countries, so you can use them without any worries of non-compliance. These applications usually have customizable signatures and offer unmatched security.

CocoSign is a company that offers solutions to all your digital signing needs and is reliable & trustworthy. It also has a lot of cool features and benefits. Some of them are:

  • A free version: 

CocoSign is, no doubt, the best digital signature generator, and you can use most of its features without even paying a single buck. Sign up to create an account and quickly start signing important documents from your browser. 


The free version offers extensive features like creating your templates of signatures and also receiving notifications and the latest updates. This is far better than other signing platforms.

  • Fully customizable: 

CocoSign has a multitude of customization options that saves time and are user-friendly. You can make templates for frequently used documents, contracts and quickly fill them when the need arises. You can even sign on a piece of paper and upload it on the website to include it as your digital signature.

Your digital signature is stored in a secure manner, and you can reuse it again to sign documents. Choose from different signature styles and pick the one that suits you the most.

  • Multiple signatories: 

Completing a document is a tedious task, and it turns more complex when there are multiple signatories involved. However, with Cocosign, you can do so easily. This is also an effective method for signing petitions and contracts. 

With CocoSign, a document can be configured to allow multiple signatures. It also provides sequential signatures using which the signatories can only sign the document in a pre-defined order.

  • Easy to use: 

CocoSign doesn’t require any pre-acquired knowledge to use. Its user-friendly and straightforward interface makes it easy to use and work with. Even with a plethora of customization options, the interface is appealing and interactive and can easily be learned without any previous technological experience. It consists of simple click and drag movement that doesn’t require hard knowledge of the software.

Simply create an account, upload the document to sign digitally, and then download it again after signing. It is simple, quick, and accomplishes the task with efficiency.

  • Legally valid: 

You don’t have to worry about your document’s authenticity after signing it digitally. All of the digital signatures done through CocoSign are legally valid and acceptable. 

The digital signature is used in more than 180 countries across the globe and is completely safe. The signatures offer audit trail protection using which you can record the timestamps for later use. 

  • Private:

CocoSign is a private solution for all your e-sign needs. Any documents you upload are hidden from other users, and only you can access them. Your signature templates are secured and separated from other users. PKI standards protect the key data and information from cyber-attacks so that your data remains safe.

This is done through advanced encryption techniques when the data is stored digitally, and you can be assured that your data is for your eyes only. These are stored in electronic vaults and can be stored permanently even if the user is no longer available.

  • Secure:

Your CocoSign connection is secured through HTTPS protocol and is protected from any potential malware and spyware. Your confidential data is safe within the encryption walls and cannot be hacked. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is used to protect your signatures and other documents; it is used by the most secure websites like Paypal.

Also, CocoSign is certified and by PCI DSS, one of the most secure e-signature generators. 

  • Compliance: 

CocoSign complies with major data sharing and privacy protection laws. It can be used in more than 180 countries, including major players like America and Europe.

GDPR, ESIGN, and CFR are only some regulations in the extensive list of protection laws obeyed by CocoSign. Hence, it is used for both business and professional purposes across the globe without any issues.

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Whether you need an e-sign application that is easy on the pocket or one that is user-friendly, CocoSign is there for you. 

With a plethora of features, this online signature tool is all that you need to make digitally signing documents a breeze. Cocosign is secure, compliant, and is very much private so that only you can access your confidential documents without any hurdles along the way.

It doesn’t matter if you are an individual looking for signing software or a company that wants a good signing application; now you know where to look for it.

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