The Best Solutions to Speed Up Your Mac

As a Mac user, one of the most disappointing experiences is to have a slow Mac running speed. It can be quite stressful, especially if you are working on your tasks and other important projects. Do you want to make the best performance of your Mac? If yes, you can make cleanmymac x as your efficient partner for the perfect efficiency of your Mac system. Slow running Mac can be solved in different ways. To help you with this problem, you can apply the following solutions.

Update Your Mac

If you are suffering from slow Mac running speed, one way to do it is to update your Mac. Updating your Mac can provide useful improvements in your system. You can update it by going to the App Store. Then, you can select Updates and install them.   

Reduce the Visuals

Mac is known for its visuals. However, it can also affect the performance of the system. So, you can reduce some visual effects. Do this by going to System Preferences – Dock and uncheck the following:

  • Animate opening applications
  • Magnification
  • Automatically hide and show the Dock
  • Set Minimize windows using to Scale Effect

Additionally, you can also reduce its transparency effects. You can do this by going to Settings – Accessibility – Display and then check the Reduce Transparency.

About this Mac

macOS comes with built-in tools that allow you to boost its performance. You can access the About this Mac in the Menu and choose Storage. In a few moments, it will display a visual representation of what is taking up space in the system. You can also choose Manage.

There, you can see different items, including iTunes, Mail, iCloud Drive, and more. You can also see the Recommendations item. By selecting this, you can have an idea to eliminate space-wasting items in your Mac. It may include the following:

Optimize Storage

If you enable this, TV shows and iTunes movies that you already watched won’t be kept on the system. The latest Mail attachments can be stored on your system if the Storage is low.

Store in iCloud

You can store your videos and photos in iCloud and reduce the size of the items kept on your Mac.

The Best Solutions to Speed Up Your Mac.

Reduce clutter

With this tool, you can delete and explore downloads, bigger files, and other items in your Mac system.

Empty trash automatically

The trash in the system can be deleted after 30 days.

Add More Memory

One of the best solutions to improve the running speed of your Mac is to maximize the memory of your system. By maximizing the RAM in MAC, you can be satisfied with its fast-running performance.

Delete Browser Add-Ons

Browser add-ons can also be a cause of the slow performance of your Mac. Chrome, as well as other browsers, can be overloaded with different extensions and add-ons you install on it. So, it is advisable to delete browser add-ons.

Manage Your Startup Items

If you have slow running Mac speed, then it is better to have a clean startup. If your system boots up, it can run various unnecessary apps. You can manage your startup items by going to System Preferences – Users & Groups and tap your username. You can choose Login Items and choose the program you don’t need as the Mac starts up.

Search Resource-Hungry Processes

Apps can also slow your Mac. If you want to determine the apps that are consuming up your system resources, you can use the Activity Monitor. You can access it on the Utility folder in the Applications folder. The Activity Monitor can detail 5 resources, including Memory, CPU, Disk, Energy, and Network usage.

Reduce Clutter in The Desktop

You must keep in mind that the desktop icon takes up RAM space. So, the fewer icons, the better performance of your Mac gets. You can restart your computer if your Desktop is clean. With the ‘Desktop Stacks’ feature, you can place the icons in order. You can have a faster Mac if you delete some items on your desktop.

Empty the Caches

Another tip to enhance the speed of your Mac is to empty the caches. Cache files are temporary data that can speed up processes. However, it can also consume Storage on your Mac. With that, make sure to empty the caches.

By following the tips mentioned above, you have the assurance that you can enjoy fast and hassle-free running speed with your Mac system. If you want to know more about tips for speeding up your Mac apply these tips now to improve your Mac system!

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