The USB-C port for your Android phone does more than help you value the tool. It may be used as a conduit to change knowledge to and from the handset. As recognized by the use of Android Authority, the main Pixel collection from once more in 2016 uses USB-C 3.0 and the mid-range Pixel 3a models employ USB-C 2.0; all other Pixel units are provided with USB-C 3.1. In thought, the Pixel 4 must transfer knowledge at the an identical rate as other phones in its magnificence. But this doesn’t seem to be the case.
After operating some exams, Android Authority came upon that the file transfer rate for the Pixel 4 is in reality slow with such transfers taking two occasions as long or longer to complete as the competition. For example, a 10.8GB mp4 file took the Pixel 4 84 seconds to be informed and 135 seconds to put in writing down. That is shockingly long whilst you believe that the Huawei Mate 30 Pro took most simple 35 seconds to be informed the file and 67 seconds to put in writing down it. Huawei’s Honor View20 moreover handled the file like a boss taking 59 seconds to be informed and most simple 42 seconds to put in writing down.
Surprisingly, 2017’s Pixel 2 scored moderately neatly as the phone took most simple 55 seconds to be informed the mp4 file and each and every different 55 seconds to put in writing down it. The slowest transfer events belonged to the Pixel 3 which took 107 seconds and 135 seconds to be informed and write the file, respectively.
For the Pixel 4, we can add slow transfer speed to the file of things that make Google’s 2019 flagship collection disappointing. That file incorporates low battery existence, the lack of an ultra-wide-angle camera and the limited Motion Sense options.

So Google, if you’re listening, this is something else that will have to be fixed if the Pixel line is going to compete with Apple and Samsung’s flagship phones inside the with regards to long run. Meanwhile, in case you private a Pixel 4 collection phone and wish to backup your knowledge eternally, you are able to expect to spend just a bit additional time getting this procedure carried out.