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Everything has a history and sometimes this can be an incredible and controversial one. When it comes to the history of slot machines, both apply. The journey of the slot is incredible because these games have suffered numerous setbacks in their history, yet they survive and thrive.

The controversy revolves around the fact that they are gambling games, and gambling has and always will be a controversial subject, even today when free deposit slots are mainstream pursuit.

Where it all Began

Charles Fey, a mechanic, and inventor who was based in San Francisco has been credited through history as being the creator of the first mechanical slot machine to be widely released to the public. It is thought that some prototypes were doing the rounds before this, but they never saw the light of day.

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In 1894, Fey’s Liberty Bell slot game became the first coin-operated slot machine that the public could play in certain settings across San Francisco. The top symbol was the Liberty Bell and 3 in a row produced the top pay-out. The other symbols consisted of playing card faces and lucky charms, but the public warmed to the general thrills that this slot machine offered, especially because of the possibility of landing the 3 bells.

The success of this hand-built mechanical game, led to Fey concentrating on this machine alone and leaving his other endeavors behind. He eventually went on to build 100 Liberty Bell slot machines. Unfortunately for Fey, the failure to copyright his design led to a flood of copycat games being produced. Some experimented with his concept to produce more extravagant slot games and many slot machines flooded San Francisco because of this. It is thought that at one point more than 3000 slot machines were operating in the city at any one time.

Acts of God and Gambling Bans

Things were about to take a turn for the worse and this should have spelled the end of the slot machine. In 1906 the great earthquake of San Francisco destroyed much of the city and 96 of the 100 Liberty Bell slots that Fey had built, these were damaged beyond repair.

However, the bad luck didn’t stop there, an all-out gambling ban put the brakes on a recovering slot industry, and this should have been the nail in the slot machine coffin.

Instead, the cunning inventors of these games transformed these gambling games into family-friendly sweet dispensing vending machines. To do this, all symbols associated with gambling were replaced with fruits, and sweets and gum replaced cash prizes. The Mills Novelty Company was part of the vending machine revolution, and they added a gum pack symbol to the reels.

A New Dawn

The gambling bans were eventually lifted, and this meant that slots could return to their original gambling machine origins. However, fruit symbols remained on the new look slots. This in turn gave birth to the fruit machine and the Mills chewing gum packet became the Bar symbol that is still seen on slots today.

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Slots continued to develop and cause controversy especially when they became controlled by the mob. The first electrical slot was introduced in the 1960s, followed by early versions of video slots in the 1970s and 1980s. Eventually, gambling cleaned up its act, just in time for the dawning of the digital age and the birth of the era of the virtual video slot.

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