The Most Exciting 2020 Best Android Games

Many choices of the best Android games that you can play, if you are a game lover who plays it with a smartphone for gaming needs, then surely you have a large collection of games on your smartphone. Moreover, the mobile phone is situs judi online equipped with capable gaming capabilities.


Especially basically playing HD games is a fun activity because you can feel the sensation of playing high games, but some games that are booming now are not only games with large memory. For example, the worm game that boomed in early 2020, where the game is rising so that users are increasing every day.


However, there are some of the best android games of the year that can only be played on mid-range specifications phones. There are also interesting games with high popularity that you can play using the middle to lower class mobile phones smoothly. Here are some games that can be played with your Android phone.


1- Call Of Duty Mobile

Famous games like Call of Duty come with the best games on the mobile version. In order to meet the demand of call of duty game lovers, finally bringing it to the car. CODM for this car device offers an attractive treat with high-class graphics capital and a variety of play mode options.

This game provides several choices of interesting games that you might not get in other games. CODM is even more alluring with a very smooth graphic appearance. The most interesting thing is that although this game is quite large, you can still play CODM with middle to lower specification mobile phones.


2- Free Fire

This cool game application is a battle royal game and is the most widely played game today. How not, Free Fire displays strong battle royal, however this game you can still play on mobile phones with specifications for the lower middle.

The game in Free Fire now is not like before, because this game has undergone many updates so that this game becomes more interesting for you to play. Now Free fire comes with lots of characters and skins that you can play there.


3- eFootball PES 2020

This one soccer game might be an interesting choice for you to play on your cell phone, eFootball PES 2020. The game that presents this football genre has the best performance because it uses engine 4. The game looks very realistic and might remind you of the game soccer that uses a console device.


4- Spider Solitaire

This Android card game is a legendary game that is generally installed automatically on your laptop, but this game can also be played on smartphones. Although classified as a classic game, Spider Solitaire is still popular with gamers to simply entertain or fill leisure time.

In this game, players must arrange cards in sequence on each deck. Playing Spider Solitaire requires high concentration in order to arrange cards perfectly for each column. If you want to win easily, make a few blank columns. So you can arrange cards from the highest value to the lowest freely.


5- Rise of Kingdoms

The next choice of interesting games to play on Android phones is Rise of Kingdoms, this royal-themed game that is very exciting for you to play. Rise of Kingdoms belongs to the category of strategy games, which can entertain and fill your day because this game will be addictive for users who play it.


6- Gardenscapes

Maybe this game looks simple but when you play it is guaranteed to be immediately hooked to continue completing various missions in the game. A brain-themed game that is very exciting, Gardenscapes is suitable for those who like to think. This game needs strong thinking by the game player.


7- Life After

When the world is controlled by Zombies, the best way to stay alive is to survive. In the game Life After will teach you how to survive the Zombie attack. This interesting story is very exciting to play and can be one game that is worth playing. Wide-open world appearance will make you feel at home playing this game.


8- Ragnarok Mobile

If you like anime characters, then this game will be a game that you must play on your android smartphone. Ragnarok mobile which used to come from the PC platform has powerful graphics when played. This game is an open-world game that is very feasible for you to play using an Android device because it offers a variety of interesting missions.


If you are looking for an interesting and best game in 2020, you can play a variety of exciting games above. No need to worry, you can still play these popular android games with the middle class and low specifications cellphones.

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