The Top 5 OCR Tools for Image to Text Conversion

Are you looking for ways to convert an image to text? Converting physical documents into digitized form opened up a lot of possibilities thanks to new technology. One such type of software that makes that possible is Optical Character Recognition or OCR. Keep reading and find out 5 OCR tools for image to text conversion.

For companies and various businesses, this proves to be a valuable asset as they can convert older documents into a digital format, making it easier to edit and amend. This also saves time in rewriting the document by manual input. Even handwritten notes are possible to convert into digital notes.

Which OCR tools for image to text conversion would be the best to get? We will look at these apps that make the conversion of images to text easier and faster.

  1. SimpleOCR

Among the software capable of converting images to text, SimpleOCR provides you with an easy-to-access tool. It lets you convert typed documents into text. After placing the document in the scanner, SimpleOCR would convert it.

The good thing about this is that SimpleOCR is both simple to use and free. However, you will need to pay for the other features that allow you to convert more complex patterns.

You can use JPEG, TIFF, or BMP files for this particular OCR to scan through. From that point, the OCR runs the conversion through text selection, image selection, and text ignore features. After this, the conversion enters a validation stage where you can edit the discrepancies from the converted text.

After that, you can save the converted text as a DOC file or a TXT file.

Although this one may be a tad bit outdated since version 3.1. Its simplicity is its main selling point that you can use it without problems.

  1. Photo Scan

Another OCR program that you can try out is Photo Scan. It is a free OCR tools for image to text conversion application that you can get from the Microsoft Store. While it is an ad-supported app, it does not get in the way of using its image to text features.

The cool thing about Photo Scan is that it is both an OCR scanner as well as a QR code scanner, too, in one neat package. Aside from using a scanner, you can also use an image file or a printout of any file.

Take an image of the document you want to scan and convert is also possible with your webcam. Once the OCR recognizes the text, it will display it in an adjacent window.

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Photo Scan also comes with text-to-speech. Where it gives you the option to let the app read the scanned text aloud.

It has a notable downside as it does not work well with handwritten text. Despite this, its printed text recognition allows it to fulfill its purpose well.

Once you finish converting, you can save the OCR files in various formats. Among these include HTML, text (.TXT), Rich Text XML, and so on.

If you want to incorporate OCR into your program, check out this guide here to learn how to run an OCR in C#.

  1. Microsoft OneNote

For Windows users and Microsoft 365 users, OneNote works out great as a note-taking platform. You can access it anywhere with any device. The interesting point about this is that you can also use it to function as an OCR application.

Although it has a slight limitation that it does not support tables and columns. Despite this, it works out well as a means for an image to text conversion.

To do this, start by inserting an image in OneNote. After this, right-click on the image and select “Copy Text From Picture”.

After that, OneNote works on the conversion and transforms the image into text. It then copies the converted text to a clipboard. Thus, allowing you to paste it back to OneNote or any word processing program for further editing.

You can also do this with a multi-page printout with this method as well as converting text to one specific page. For this, you will notice a selection that allows you to pick how you wish to convert the text on the images.

  1. Easy Screen OCR

For an OCR app that works on many platforms, you can try out Easy Screen. It happens to be small in file size and is also free to download. Easy Screen relies on a Google-powered engine to recognize and convert files.

By design, this OCR extracts texts from screenshots as well as image files. Thus, it allows you to copy text from websites or any other text on-screen. The cool part about this is that Easy Screen also has support for over 100 languages and more.

It opens up the option to have the text translated from one language to another. For later versions of Easy Screen (version 1.4.2 and above), you might need a subscription fee. You can still enjoy the OCR’s capabilities from the earlier versions for free.

  1. Google Docs

Speaking of using Google, you can also turn Google Docs into an OCR. This is a good option if you happen to be away from your computer and you have to use a different device.

Google Docs has a built-in OCR software that recognizes any text in different image files. These files include PDF, JPEG, and PNG files. The limit to it is that the file has to be 2MB and lower. Also, the text has to be 10 pixels or higher.

A fun quirk with Google Docs is that it can auto-detect the language used in the scanned files. This works great for Latin characters. The story changes when it scans non-Latin characters.

To use this, log in to your Google Drive account. From there, go to New, then to File Upload. Or you can go to My Drive, and then Upload Files. After this, browse the PC for the image file that you want the text extracted from and click Open.

Once you have it, open the file in Google Docs. At that point, Google will have the PDF or image file converted, extracting the text and placing it in a new Google document. The good thing is that you can edit the result text for any discrepancies.

After that, you can save the file by downloading it to the computer.

Convert An Image to Text Today

With these reliable OCR apps, converting the image to text becomes an easy step. You can preserve documents in digital form. As well as convert handwritten notes into digital write-ups. Try looking for something that works well for you.

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