Three Great Alternatives to Sketchup

3D printing Los Angeles is growing in popularity. In order to use this production method, you will have to use some sort of software. This is needed to create the design, which will later be turned into an actual item. A 3D CAD program that is often used is Sketchup. This is usually employed for landscape, architectural, furniture, and interior design.

Sketchup is seen as a very good program to use, but you may want to use a different application. However, you definitely need to use one for 3D printing Chicago. Will you pick Sketchup or one of the ones below?


Sketchup is quite popular since it is very easy to access because it is so easy to use. Tinkercad shares this characteristic, which is of course extremely beneficial. This software is owned by Autodesk and can be used in a browser. Tinkercad is focused on helping newcomers get familiar with 3D design.

Even though it does not have many editing tools, Tinkercad does allow you to start by using a preset. You will then be able to refine the presets into a different shape. This tool is thus seen as quite intuitive, but the technical performance is relatively high as well.

Fusion 360

Autodesk has not only created Tinkercad, it also developed Fusion 360. This is parametric CAD software that focuses on product design and mechanical applications. Fusion 360 has been created with an integrative approach. This makes sure that companies can turn their ideas from concepts into actual functional items.

However, Fusion 360 can also be employed in order to render items, fabricate items, and run simulations. This software can be picked over Sketchup since it uses parametric modeling. Sketchup does not have this useful feature, so Fusion 360 is better this way.


Blender is not owned by Autodesk, but still a great alternative to Sketchup. It is an open-source 3D program that is mostly known for its versatility. Furthermore, it enables you to do multiple kinds of 3D works: rendering, VFX, animation, modeling, and much more.

Even though Blender is not intended for architectural design, it does have several features that make it a good alternative to Sketchup. This is mostly the case since Blender offers you the possibility to create organic shapes with an intuitive surface subdivision system. On top of that, advanced polygon editing can be done if you use this software.

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