Bank Interview
Bank Interview

Are you someone with vast knowledge and information on subjects and scores well in the exams, but who can’t perform well for interviews? Don’t worry, with proper preparation and tips, you can perform well in an interview. An interview is a process to test your communication skills, problem-solving skills, presence of mind, and how well you manage a situation. You are being analyzed on many factors like decision making, your posture, your way of talking, etc. It’s okay to be nervous when attempting an interview. Your brilliance lies in how well you manage your nervousness and face the situation.

Believe in yourself

Having confidence in yourself is a must for every interview. You received an interview call because you were eligible. Now all you need to prove is that your communication skills are wonderful. For communicating effectively, you need the presence of mind and confidence. Confidence-building exercises and training are available on various online platforms. In this time of the pandemic, you can make use of your time at home practicing these techniques and excel in your interviews. Confidence is the key to crack any interview. It is also important to keep eye contact with each of the interviewers and be pleasant and positive. Be confident in yourself and you can crack any of the interviews.

Review your Resume

Your resume is a plethora of your career. The interviewer will get many questions from your resume. Be truthful and transparent when writing a resume. because, if you add anything that is not true, that can adversely affect the recruitment process. Make a truthful and attractive resume and get prepared for all the questions that can be asked from the resume, like the reasons for choosing the subjects you have opted for higher studies, the reason to choose a banking career, and even about your other interests and hobbies. Remember they are assessing your communication skills and personality traits from these questions too.

Think before you speak

Think well before you answer a question. Don’t be in a hurry to answer the questions due to nervousness. Take your time, understand the question well and bring out the correct answer. You need to be focused in order to think well and speak. You can ask for repeating the question if it was not clear to you. But, never answer without understanding and thinking well. If you don’t know any answer, it’s okay to admit that and move on to the next question rather than saying the wrong answer.

Industry knowledge

This is the point where the interviewers assess whether you are suitable for the job. You must have knowledge about the industry you are aspiring to work in. For a job in the banking sector, you must at least know the basic terms and usages in the banking sector. Try to get updated with the latest happenings in the economy and banking sector.  And, be clear about the roles and responsibilities of your job, whether it is a probationary clerk or probationary officer you are applying for. You can get the details from people who are working in those positions or experts in the field. 

Information and Technology

It is very important to get updated with the latest information about the banking sector and the economy. Also, general knowledge and current affairs are a must-have knowledge for somebody preparing for the bank exams and interview. You also have to be in line with the latest technology. It is important to know the application of this information and technology to the authority and global scenario. Be it a private sector bank or public sector bank, acquire all the information about the banks, their history, growth, and current position. Always hunt for new things, learn as much as you can, update your information and technology.

Personality traits

Another important skill the recruiter searches for in an ideal candidate is an attractive personality. They check if you have the drive and enthusiasm to do the job efficiently. Also, they look for creativity and transparency in you. They might give you a problem or challenge and ask you to provide a solution. Or they might even ask you to pitch ideas and suggest developmental strategies for industrial growth. They are not only assessing your knowledge but also how well you can draw a logical conclusion and act sensibly. Impromptu solutions are what they seek. The problem also shows how adaptable you are to the situation and circumstances.

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No matter how well you have scored in your written exams, you must also crack the interview session in order to get the job. So, be confident, take mock interviews, prepare the answers beforehand for the commonly asked questions. There are many platforms like Entri which can help you with exams, interviews, and communication skills. Know the pattern and even if something which you haven’t prepared for is asked, have the presence of mind and manage the situation wisely. It’s okay to not have all the answers with you, it’s also about how you manage your ignorance of something. Practice as you have never won and performed as you have never lost. 

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