Top 10 Best Romance Webtoons Websites to Read

The scientific and technological revolution with broadband internet, the explosion of mobile devices, Big Data, and AI impacted the global entertainment industry in which comics are also in change. That has changed the traditional Japanese manga market, as Free Manga online, Manga comic book, Hentai, Anime, and Doujins are some of the best romance webtoons websites are facing the risk of losing its readership by Korean Webtoon Manhwa (also known as Webtoons). Korean.

Unlike traditional Japanese Hentai Manga, Webtoon quickly grasped the trend of using young mobile technology, created to serve electronic devices, meeting the needs of users. That’s why the researchers have stated that “in the future, Webtoon will replace Manga, completely dominate the comic book market worldwide.”

Korean Webtoon Manhwa has entered the niche market with unique and special content. LGBT readers can read boys love and girls love webtoon hentai online for free. So, let’s take a look at the Best Webtoon Manhwa Hentai that has driven the Korean youth community in particular and the world in general!

We will show You a lot of webtoons manhwa and this is a list of the top 10 Best Romance Webtoons Websites Mature Korean Webtoon Manhwa manufacturers and distributors that you can read excellent works with free manga,  free webtoon coins, and boys love webtoon. Manhwa Hentai, LGBT webtoon, Teen love, Girl love, action, horror, thriller, sci-fi … that you cannot ignore.

1 – Webtoon Line
2 – Toomics Comics
3 – Manycomic Entertainment
4 – Manytoon Comics
6 –
7 – Net Comics
8 –
9 – Tappytoon Comics
10 –

Here are 10 best webtoons on the topic of love and romance for girls. The best works to date of 2020.

1. The Bride of the Water God
Set in a mythical story that is not difficult to find in other webtoons, The Bride of the Water God gives readers a very new feeling when talking about a forest village. into prolonged drought due to the wrath of the Water God Habaek. To ease Habaek, the villagers brought Soah, the most beautiful girl in the region, to sacrifice to the water god. But, Soah did not die at the hands of the Water God but was saved by him and brought back to the Aquarium.

Will the story full of irony and adversity of Soah and the water god Habaek get to a complete end? When the two worlds of myth and earth are inherently irreconcilable? The content that stimulates the curiosity that the author brings to the reader, in addition to the meticulous and very elaborate strokes, makes the series an indispensable name whenever people mention it. Webtoon.

2. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Another webtoon that rocked online comics lovers in Korea, “What’s wrong with secretary Kim?” The story of President Lee Young Joon is talented, rich, extremely attractive, causing many girls to collapse and his secretary Kim Mi So, though not too outstanding but also very beautiful and diligent.

The story will be nothing special until one day the loyal secretary of director Lee suddenly wants to quit. That made director Lee feel very indignant and began to find out the cause. In the process, the tangled and sad memories of both of them began to be revealed. Is that a predestined relationship?

Emerging because of new and interesting content, along with extremely romantic and emotional details, What’s wrong with secretary Kim deserves a warm welcome in the Korean and global markets.

3. True Beauty

Famous webtoon author Yaongyi has struck the hearts of the majority of young Koreans by creating a story about the power of make-up classes in the lives of a part of today’s Korean youth. Webtoon talks about the journey of a girl with an unimpressive appearance but has the ability to transform into a completely new person with a beautiful appearance thanks to make-up.

Along with the two high school friends Lee Su Ho and Han Seojun, the duo have a striking beauty as idols. The story of the three of them is pushed up to the climax with dramatic scenes and humor, promising to be a series that is suitable for you after stressful working days. Come to “True Beauty” to catch a fresh breeze!

4. Siren’s Lament

Lyra- a very cute girl, lovely but has a quite closed life. Then one day, Lyra’s life suddenly changed completely when she accidentally lost in the world of Siren mermaid. Lyra’s next journey in the world of hidden mermaids is full of mysteries of the deep ocean. The more Lyra studied, the more she realized that there were many similarities to her life. Is Lyra on a journey to discover herself?

Interspersed between the fantasy elements is also a tangled love story that Lyra will encounter on that mysterious journey. Be prepared psychologically to not be “beaten” before the unexpected plot-twist, which promises to bring excitement to the hearts of readers!

5. My Boo

Continuing to be a bizarre, bogus storyline, “My Boo” is about a girl with the special ability to be able to see the soul of the deceased, specifically here, that of a guy. The boy lived alone in the house where he died many years ago. Although it is impossible to touch each other, the fateful encounter between the two of them opens a profound humanity story, when not only exploiting the emotions of the characters but also expressing them.

The interaction of the main characters. The story, therefore, is not boring but also has depth. Combined with a minimalist but still extremely meaningful painting style, the author of this Webtoon series has really conquered readers of many ages.

6. Nineteen, Twenty-one

Unlike the above Webtoon, “Nineteen, Twenty-one” is an extremely attractive storyline for animal lovers, especially cats. The story is about the ill-fated girl Lee Yoon Lee who had an accident just before the upcoming fierce university entrance exam, which suffered a loss when she lost two years of adolescence that should have been her integrity. Until she recovered, the heroine had to study with her juniors in her old high school, full of difficulties and shame. However, thanks to her love for cats, Yoon Lee made a good friend, Dong Hwi.

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These two wonderful pieces have taken care of the abandoned cats together, and from there, they find answers to their own problems and give each other special affection. The series is enthusiastically received by the Korean online community not only because of its extremely ordinary content but also because of its elegant, liberal paintings that create a relaxing and comfortable feeling for readers to read.

7. Love Alarm

If you feel the romantic and cheesy romance stories of Korean Webtoon are too boring, “Love Alarm” will be a really wise choice for you to change the wind! Not historical myths, Love Alarm is built in a future world with the optimum development of electronic devices, when an application can help people find their other half in a radius of 10m. Kim Jo Jo is the heroine, does not believe in true love, so does not care about the application.

But until one day, things turned in another direction when Jo Jo met his friend Sun Ho. What is the love story of young people in the future of the technology age? Is there a sincere love they always seek? Please look forward to Love Alarm to find the answer yourself!

8. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

The story revolves around the girl Kang Mi Rae with a shy, shy, self-deprecating and self-contained personality due to her “ugly” appearance. Mi Rae has decided to have plastic surgery so she can no longer be bullied because of her face and body. However, things became more complicated when going to college, she continued to be teased by her friends as “aesthetic monsters”.

Mi Rae’s life seemed to have no way out when Kyung Seok appeared – a beautiful young man, a well-off family but a hard-to-tell hidden corner. Kyung Seok has gradually helped Mi Rae to be more confident, get out of prejudice and realize her true worth. The two gradually love each other and compensate for each other’s injuries. Striking into the current psychological trend of young people about the obsession of plastic surgery, “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” has achieved tremendous success in the Webtoon market.

9. Untouchable

If you are a big fan of the series “Twilight”, “New Moon”, “Eclipse” and “Dawn” that stormed the world in 2010, “Untouchable” will be a The Webtoon series cannot be ignored in the best Webtoon list for you. With the same vampire theme but “Untouchable” does not follow the old boring path, the Untouchable production team has subtly transformed the vampire episode into touch to get the power. amount from humans.

The characters in the series also have their own psychological pain, interspersed with romantic details between humans and vampires, … Therefore, the webtoon series is completely worthy of becoming popular with your readers.

10. Miss Abbott and the doctor

The final Webtoon set for this list is “Miss Abbott and the doctor”. This is a romantic comedy about Lady Abbott who loves freedom, not being confined, and the urban doctor Marino. The logical storyline, creative details, and unexpected twist will surely make you laugh out loud when reading this series. The soulful details of the artist’s eyes are also a huge plus for the series to be as successful as it is now. The “chemical reaction” between the two main characters, the duo’s courage to remove the prejudices and social barriers promises to give readers a time that is not in vain.


Above are the top 10 most popular webtoon manhwa hentai online for Korea that is famous not only in the country but also in neighboring countries, ready to replace Manga Hentai to dominate the world. You can easily see that most of the webtoon mentioned above has been adapted into both dramas and movies, confirming the significant influence of Webtoon on the community.

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