Every professional requires PDF editing tools for quick editing before a presentation. PDF editor and convertors are the most popular tools used by business presentation creators. However, most of the PDF converters are hard to use and takes a lot of time for simple work.

That is why we did some research and found the most popular PDF to PPT converter that you can use without any editing skills. All these PDF editors will help you manage your PDF and PPT files without facing any issues.

So, let’s start with the most popular PDF editor that we have in store for you.

CocoDoc solution is the most versatile PDF editor that lets you edit your files on the go. All you need is to visit its website or install its mobile application to start. The platform is filled with hundreds of tools that help in basic editing and converting a PDF in any other file format.

CocoDoc is a perfect application for individuals and small businesses. The plans are affordable, and you do not need to pay a single dollar to try its services. Thus, it is one of the most complete tools that you can use to convert your PDF into a PPT file.

To learn more about this solution, you can visit its website and check out its features. Also, you can upload a file and browse all the advanced tools to know it yourself.

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

Here is the most effective PDF editor you will find on the internet. Almost everyone knows about Adobe Acrobat as it is one of the oldest solutions to edit a PDF file. You can use this platform to convert a PDF into any other file format. 

The best thing is that you can use the tool to edit the PDF file without converting it into any other file format. Additionally, it comes with an eSign feature that lets you embed digital signatures on any PDF file.

The only problem is that Adobe Acrobat Pro is an expensive tool and a lot of people find it out of their budget. Therefore, check out its plans before you subscribe to its membership.

  • iSkySoft PDF Editor

iSkySoft offers a reliable PDF editor that lets you make any changes to a PDF File online. This solution is available on Windows devices and you can access the web-based solution through a web browser as well. The platform is simple to use and lets you add or remove pages, text, images, along with some other editing options.

It has some PDF editors that let you convert your PDF into a PPT file. However, it is not as effective as the last two applications as it focuses on PDF editing solutions more. Thus, it is an average application to convert PDF and you should not face any problem with this platform.

  • PDFescape

PDFescape is another editor that provides web-based editing tools to its customers. It also provides an application that works with Windows devices. You can use it to edit, compress, sign, or convert a PDF file conveniently. The solution is used by professionals who need a reliable platform to edit PDF files.

The application of this solution has more features than the web version. Thus, it is better to install its application on your Windows device to use the complete version of this solution.

Visit its website to learn more about the features of this platform.

  • Microsoft Word

Almost everyone has used Microsoft Word for creating documents. However, this tool is not limited to word documents as it can edit PDF files as well. All you need to do is edit your PDF documents like a word file. After that, you can change the file extension to convert it into a PPT file. 

The process may require some editing skills as it can impact the page layout. However, it is the most affordable solution to convert your PDF files into PPTs. 

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Final Words

PDF editors can help you save a lot of time. Platforms like CocoDoc provides the easiest way to edit or convert PDFs within a few seconds. All the tools are reliable and let you customize a PDF even if you do not have any editing skills.

On the other hand, tools like Adobe Acrobat are a bit expensive but comes with some more advanced tools. Therefore, you need to consider your requirements and choose the platform accordingly. 

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