Top 6 costume ideas for this Halloween to pair with your favorite glasses

The month of October brings the joys of pumpkin-spiced latte and candles; it’s the best time of the year to shop for comfortable woolens and binge-watch horror tv shows, or movies. The best part of the month is the spooky festivities that bring along Halloween, and trick-or-treating.

Now, picking the “perfect costume” can turn into a real hustle. You have to make sure you don’t wear the same costume as friend’s/neighbor’s, that would just make it awkward, wouldn’t it? You also have to get your furniture “spooked” for Halloween, this time of the year is the perfect time to show off your spooky creativity!

If your costume includes glasses, it can be hard to get a pair that syncs perfectly with your costume or vice versa. “Coming up with a new costume every year ain’t easy!” But with eyeglasses, you can find the perfect costume to go with your glasses without a sweat! For the best look possible, you’ll need to be fully committed.

Here are the best Halloween costumes perfect for those with glasses:

Glasses 1

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly is the perfect pair to wear on breakfast at Tiffany’s. This pair goes well with the iconic Tom Ford T, and will definitely give your “victim” the best spook possible!

Glasses 1

The iconic rocket man, Sir Elton John is the perfect choice for a mischievous look. It really brings out a unique and fun style of its “user” and goes perfectly with these heart-shaped tortoise framed sunglasses.

Glasses 3

The next one on the list is the perfect pair to portray the famous character “Harry Potter”. This amazing pair from the SmartBuy collection will go perfectly with the Harry Potter outfit. Just paint that light-bolt scar, purchase a wand, and there you have it; the perfect Harry Potter costume.

Glasses 4

These sunglasses are perfect for portraying John Lennon, the musical genius from the 1970s. All you’ll need now is a group of friends to portray the 3 remaining “Beatles”, and you’re all set to put up a John Lennon Concert!

Glasses 5

Portraying Velma from “Scooby-Dooby-Dop”? Well, these glasses from the SmartBuy collection are the best ones to wear with her costume! Just get a mystery machine loaded with scooby snacks, and a bunch of other friends to portray the rest of the characters, and you’re all set!

Glasses 6

Want to look like Tony Stark from “Avengers: End-Game”? Well, this is the perfect pair of glasses for you. It’s perfect if you’re wanting to portray “Iron-Man”, all you’ll need is a stylish suit to go with the glasses, and you’re all set!

Glasses 7

These glasses work for both men and women, these transparent framed glasses are the best choice to portray Mrs. Doubtfire. It’s the perfect Halloween costume, and you can wear them casually too if you want!

That concludes this article, and we hope you’ve found some costume inspiration. They may not be spooky, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less fun!

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