Top 8 Tools For Documenting Your React Components Like a Pro


As a software developer, you need powerful tools to surpass the original language for writing code. I have used some React tools that improved my productivity in developing applications using ReactJS, so I thought of sharing my insights about them today.

React is a flexible frontend JavaScript framework for developing fantastic user interfaces. It allows you to compose UI from isolated pieces of code known as “components.”

If you are interested in getting started with ReactJS, here is the list of excellent React tools with some snippets that may inspire you to start as soon as possible.

1. React Bits

React Bits

React Bit is a React development tool that turns modularity into a real-time commodity and makes it easier to share components. Its modular surface makes sure to provide better software, and selecting components becomes simple. Bit allows teams to stay connected, collaborate, get updated, and be in sync. A venture-backed team well maintains the collaborative open-source project developed using Bit.

Getting started:

Create new React application:

npx create-react-app my-new-app

Switch to my-new-app directory and install all the components required for your project:

@bit/<username>.<collection name>.<component name>

Run the install command using yarn:

yarn add @bit/<username>.react-tutorial.product-list –save

Now all the components are added to your package.json:

“@bit/<username>.react-tutorial.product-list”: “0.0.1”

It is all set to use in your application:

// App.js

import ProductList from ‘@bit/<username>.react-tutorial.product-list’;

function App() {

return (

<div className=”App”>





Just update your CSS file:

.App {

flex-direction: column;

margin: 20px;


Lastly, don’t forget to run your application using yarn:

yarn start

Source code

It is the platform for shared components between various projects and applications from different places simultaneously.

2. React Storybook

React Storybook

A Storybook is a great option if you are looking for testing of UI components and rapid iteration. It abets you to visualize different states of every element of your applications and provides better testing of the UI interaction.

Stories for multiple components:
// List.stories.js

import React from ‘react’;

import List from ‘./List’;

export default {

component: List,

title: ‘List’,



// Always an empty list, not super interesting

const Template = (args) => <List {…args} />;

Source code

It allows you to create stories that show the behavior of the current state of the active button/default button. It fits well with your existing testing workflow like Enzyme and integrates with the testing tools.

3. React Belle

React Belle

React Belle is a React component that offers useful components like Rating, Button, Toggle, Select, DatePicker, and many more. It provides various styles and allows you to use the ARIA accessibility standards on mobile devices to look great.

Getting started:

<!doctype html>

<html lang=”en”>


<meta charset=”utf-8″>



<div id=”react-root”></div>


You can use browserify, webpack or similar tools

to compile & combine your JSX code


<script src=”bundle.js”></script>




var React = require(‘react’);

var belle = require(‘belle’);

var TextInput = belle.TextInput;


var App = React.createClass({


render: function() {

return (


<TextInput defaultValue=”Update here and see how the input grows …” />






React.render(<App/>, document.getElementById(‘react-root’));

Source code

4. Code Sandbox

Code Sandbox

CodeSandbox is a React tool that performs tasks like dependency management, bundling, and allows you to build new projects in just a few clicks. You can also view the results of your code using the live preview feature of Code Sandbox.

console.log(sum(range(1, 10)));

You can easily learn how a library works with all JavaScript projects.

5. Semantic UI React

Semantic UI React

If you want to implement semantic UI with React, then Semantic UI React provides the best solution for your frontend development and allows you to create user-friendly layouts. Many top companies use Semantic UI, such as Netflix, Amazon, and Microsoft, because of its declarative UI and other awesome features.

Install React components using yarn:

$  yarn add semantic-ui-react semantic-ui-css

## Or NPM

$  npm install semantic-ui-react semantic-ui-css

Import the minified CSS file:

import ‘semantic-ui-css/semantic.min.css’

6. React Cosmos

React Cosmos

React Cosmos is an excellent developer tool that allows you to build reusable React components and render them with any combination of state. You can also mock external dependencies and local storage to view your application in real-time.

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7. React Sight

React Sight

React a Sight is a tool for visualizing the structure of your React app that comes with support for React Router and Redux. It requires you to have the React as mentioned above, Developer Tools for chrome, and add a new React Sight panel to your DevTools.

8. Styled Components

Styled Components

You can use ES6 and CSS to design your React apps without stress with Styled components and improve the developer experience.

First, install the styled-components:

npm install –save styled-components

Now, get started:

import styled, { css } from ‘styled-components’


const Button = styled.button`

background: transparent;

border-radius: 10px;

border: 2px solid blue;

color: blue;

margin: 0.5em 1em;

padding: 0.25em 1em;


${props => props.primary && css`

background: blue;

color: white;




const Container = styled.div`

text-align: center;





<Button>Normal Button</Button>

<Button primary>Primary Button</Button>



Source code

Final Thoughts

React is gaining continuous popularity across the globe because of its powerful tools for building web applications. The React community has millions of developers that support you to stay in flow and improve your work productivity. Here is the list of top React tools that you must use to build better React apps quickly.

Are you planning to develop your up-coming project with React? Go with the best ReactJS Development Company and start your project today!

Let me know if you have used any of these tools and share it in the comments box 🙂

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