You may be wondering what’s to do with DevOps. Is it worth your while taking a DevOps Course? Are there any specific skill sets required for a DevOps career? 

Well, simply put, DevOps is a portmanteau of the terms “Development” and “Operations”, the two functions that are the key to software engineering! As the term suggests, DevOps serves as the connecting pipeline between the development of an application or service and the operations.

Fast emerging as a set of practices that kills the silos between development and product release of the software, DevOps helps to automate and seamlessly integrate the entire software development lifecycle. However, DevOps comes with its own set of skill requirements, and the best way to prepare for a well-paid DevOps job role is to get a DevOps Course.

What is the scope 

The DevOps transformation has been phenomenal with more than 74 percent of companies today using the DevOps methodology. According to LinkedIn, DevOps ranked highest in the Emerging Jobs list in 2020. The hiring figures are on the rise with companies using various DevOps job titles to meet their software development culture.

Companies are investing heavily in DevOps practices due to the benefits of higher productivity, reduction in downtime, and fulfillment of deadlines for multiple releases.

While tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Oracle. Accenture, TCS, Mahendra or Wipro, are increasingly using DevOps, small and medium-sized businesses are also adopting the DevOps culture.

How is a career in DevOps 

A career in DevOps is a step-up from your current job in IT. It taps your coding skills, knowledge of technologies and processes, and gives you opportunities to fly in a dynamic environment.

The potential for career growth is very high, as the DevOps process becomes more important over time.  

Why so? Software is becoming more Cloud dependant, and the fast-changing multi-Cloud environments are pushing the IT industry towards “software management”.  Riding this change is DevOps.

Besides, the increase in the automation of software deployment, use of PaaS and Container Technologies, has made the function of DevOps more valuable by the day. 

DevOps thus has immense potential for long-term career growth.

Why you should get a DevOps Certification

A DevOps Engineer requires collaborative skills in addition to engineering knowledge. It also calls for team spirit, out-of-the-box thinking, and the ability to perform in a fast-changing environment. So getting yourself a DevOps Certification and basic hands-on learning sets you off in the DevOps career path.

DevOps hiring is more about the skills and requirements than job titles. The DevOps Salary is dependent on how skilled you are and updated about DevOps tools and platforms. A DevOps Certification equips you with these skillsets. So if you are good at people skills, and want a job that is a step ahead of coding, then go ahead for a Certification.

Top 10 DevOps skills that companies seek 

The DevOps role focuses on maximizing the benefits of collaboration in the building, testing, and release of the software. So anyone in IT can opt to upskill in DevOps. However, there are some specific soft skills and technical know-how that companies look for. 

  • Communication skills

Strong communication skills are the chief criteria for a DevOps role. Engineers communicate with the internal stakeholders regularly to meet their shared goals. The responsibilities include interaction with the various teams in the SDLC. So an ability to communicate, resolve internal disputes, and fulfill the objectives on time, is the most sought-after skillset required for DevOps.

  • Collaborative and Team Working Skills

As the goal of DevOps is to overcome the traditional barriers between software development, QA, testing, and IT operations, there is the need for seamless collaboration between the teams. A good team player and mentor who uses a collaborative approach to ensure the sprint goals and release dates are met is highly valued for DevOps hire.

  • Customer-facing Ability

DevOps engineers need to communicate with customers throughout the SDLC, from the development process to rollout and iterative code releases. As the ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, DevOps requires high customer-facing skills to be able to communicate the customer needs to the developers, testers, and project managers, and the teams’ viewpoint to the customer as well. Companies seek pleasant and approachable personalities with active listening skills, who can speak clearly and concisely with clients.

  • A good grasp of the DevOps Toolchain

An understanding of how testing activities occur and the underlying frameworks is very critical, as the DevOps engineer has to collaborate with the team members through the entire pipeline. As he may be required to suggest the best ways to deliver outcomes or the tools to use for testing, a good knowledge of major DevOps tools and their use for software deliveries or exploratory testing, etc. is a huge plus. 

  • Programming skills

Programming skills are a part of basic technical skillsets. However, DevOps additionally requires skills in multiple languages, resident debugging issues, and various OS environments. Experience with test automation and the ability to integrate coding generated in different environments are skillsets sought-after by DevOps hirers.

  • Cloud technologies and platforms

Cloud platforms support the software development and deployment process. Expert knowledge of Cloud technologies and platforms looks good on your resume.

  • Knowledge of automation and software security

DevOps requires basic software security skills and knowledge of automation technologies, as the entire SDLC pipeline is automated. So DevOps aspirants must master automation skills for consistent, accurate, and secure deliveries. As the success of the DevOps approach depends upon the testing efficiencies, expertise in automation and software security is a core skill that helps you get hired for a DevOps job role.

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How is a DevOps course useful in gaining those skills? 

Certifications are useful for closing any skill gaps favored by hiring companies. So, whether you are a fresher, or an existing IT professional, a DevOps course will help you master multiple tools, OS, platforms, and scripting skills, while strengthening your core soft skills.

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