Top Technology Trends in Consumer Electronics
Top Technology Trends in Consumer Electronics

As long as people are working, they will make money. And as long as they make money, they will want to spend it. While some may prefer buying a house or a car, others will purchase clothing and consumer electronics.

As for the latter, it includes products for entertainment, health, beauty, and general lifestyle.


Many of us are not familiar with German-American engineer Ralph Baer. Still, he remains one of the most important figures in the video game industry. In the early seventies, he developed a ping-pong style gaming system which would later be known as The Odyssey, the first home video game console ever to be released to the public. Over the next 50 years, the industry would develop at a pace few could have ever imagined.

Today, one cannot talk about consumer electronics without mentioning video games. From customized gaming laptops for online playing to Sony’s PlayStation 5 and the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro, you will be hard-pressed to find a household without at least one of these devices.

For Millenials, members of the so-called Generation Alpha, and those in Generation Z, state-of-the-art graphics and Oscar-worthy storytelling are no longer enough. They also demand a long list of features, including player interaction, a combination of dream-like settings and realism, and cross-platform functionality.


Another consumer electronics area that has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years is health and wellness. In the past, self-diagnostics devices were limited to digital scales and body fat scanners.

As technology continues to develop and there is more and more information on human anatomy, many companies are coming up with all kinds of health-related gadgets. Among others, one can now buy portable smart glucometers, teeth whiteners, water purifiers, and of course, watches, bracelets, and various other wearable health-tech monitors.

And the end of this trend is nowhere in sight. It is especially true now, a time when the covid-19 global pandemic has wreaked havoc in all nations and forced the world as a whole to prioritize social distancing and isolation. If you cannot go to the doctor to get a general checkup because of fear of coming into contact with an infected person, what better way to keep track of your health than doing it in the comfort of your own home?


In simple terms, the word nanotechnology refers to manipulating different kinds of materials at an atomic level. To put this into perspective, imagine a machine that is capable of designing and building an intelligent robot that is a million times smaller than one of the hairs on your head.

A quarter into the 21st century, nanotechnology is being used in all walks of life and all industries. One of them is consumer electronics, namely the trinkets, gizmos, and contraptions used for personal beauty.

Even though the fountain of youth doesn’t exist, one could argue that nanotechnology in beauty falls a close second. With products like Panasonic’s Facial Ionic Steamer and Sony’s Beauty Explorer, men and women worldwide can maintain a youthful exterior and an exuberant complexion well into their fifties and sixties.

And it doesn’t stop there. If you are interested in having a toned physique, a great option would be BeautyBio’s GloPro Microneedling and Collagen Regeneration tool.


Two words can be used to define the lifestyle tech boom of recent years. They are smart and environmentally friendly. Whether you buy a car, a telephone, a TV, a washing machine, or a coffee maker, if you live in a modern city in 2021, chances are this product will either be smart, environmentally friendly, or a combination of both.

Let us take, for instance, the car industry. In 2020, sales of these vehicles grew at an alarming rate of 43%. Once the covid-19 global pandemic reaches the end of its tenure, these numbers are expected to grow even more.

This tells us that the average consumer is well-aware of the importance of environmental protection and the never-ending depletion of the earth’s natural resources.

As for smart, one only needs to look at the widening range of interconnected smart products for personal and business use. Nowadays, as long as I have a stable internet connection, I can control curtains, air conditioning systems, microwaves, and surveillance cameras inside my house or office remotely.

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As we have seen, technological development continues to play a vital role in the consumer electronics industry. From entertainment and health products to beauty and lifestyle devices, it will only keep growing. After all, people are constantly searching for faster, smaller, smarter, more convenient, and more affordable products.

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