Two Dependable Methods for SharePoint Migration

Organizations have been using SharePoint for document management for several years. Many of them are using older versions that are no longer supported by Microsoft. If you need to migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online or from some other legacy version, file share, or content management system to Office 365, you need a framework with detailed steps to perform the migration. In this article, let us explore two very dependable methods for SharePoint migration.


The Like to Like SharePoint Migration Method


The like-to-like SharePoint migration method involves moving sites and content in the current environment in their original form. This is a quick and easy method for SharePoint migration. The like-to-like migration method is useful when you have time constraints in adoption SharePoint Online. You can use the SharePoint migration tool to plug into the existing SharePoint solution to extract data.


Because this method involves the physical movement of content including files and folders, you will lose the information on the existing SharePoint architecture that you might have customized in the current environment. On the flip side, the migration itself is fast and easy without much setup.


The Phased Approach for SharePoint Migration


The phased approach is a technique that is used to perform a complex SharePoint migration by breaking it down into smaller phases. Each phase of the migration involves performing steps that will progressively take you towards the end goal. Typically, each phase involves migrating a few sites.


By taking this approach, you will gain better clarity by restricting the scope of the project and building a more robust information architecture. This is done according to the end-user requirements. Additionally, users will have more time to acclimatize to the new environment, and the migration experts will have more opportunities to address adoption issues.


Now that you know the different techniques, you can perform them either by yourself or with the help of a migration partner. We prefer the second version over the like-to-like SharePoint migration method. As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent can assist you with SharePoint migration. Don’t forget to enquire about Azure virtual desktop pricing for added benefits.

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